AV Stumpfl in Australian school auditorium (photo: Clear Systems)

The auditorium of an Australian school becomes the backdrop of a medieval city with AV Stumpfl Pixera. This solution was used for mapping and playback of content.

Clear Systems has been the company responsible for the project carried out in the auditorium of an Australian school and in which a multimedia server has been used AV Stumpfl Pixera. The aim was to turn a school assembly hall into a medieval village, for the annual theatrical production of the school. For this project, the company turned to the distributor Show Technology.

Throughout its 15 years of collaboration, Clear Systems and Show Technology have built a long-lasting partnership at the forefront of entertainment technology, with customer support at the heart of the focus.

For the project, Show Technology provided Clear Systems with two of the Stumpfl Pixera mini AV media servers with two outputs and a USB dongle. “We needed media servers that could provide advanced mapping and content feed., and AV Stumpfl's Pixera minis were the perfect solution”, comments Daniel Bowen, Clear System Recruitment Manager.

Pixera is a media server for processing, composition and real-time management. Designed to be flexible, powerful and high performance, has been built around the key theme of ease of use. From specialists to beginners, the product is designed so that all users can manage the system and progress smoothly in their skills.

A mini pixera server managed the content of six screens that were projected by two laser equipment Panasonic RZ-970. The other mini server was used to join two short-range laser equipment to create a single image of cyclorama on the back wall of the stage, creating the location and themes of the show.

“The best thing about the Pixera product family is that there is a hardware/software solution for any project size and any budget.”, says Branden Butler, of Show Technology. “So, whether you are looking for a versatile system for a small live event, as a large-scale solution for a massive installation in a museum, is the perfect complement in both cases”.

“The two servers connected with Pixera's director dongle, which was controlled through the lighting console to achieve a perfect synchronization of each signal. The lighting system was created with Martin Professional MAC Auras and ShowPro Tri Pars, ShowPro Fusion Bars and ShowPro Pharos”, explains Bowen.

clear systems also provided a scenario Global Truss performer to expand the existing one in the room, including its curved sections to bring the audience closer and achieve total immersion.

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by • 25 Aug, 2021
• section: Case studies, Signal distribution, formation, projection