LG Display Bulgari Colors

The Italian luxury brand Bulgari has been associated with LG Display as a technological partner for the exhibition to be shown until the next 15 September in the Seoul Art Center (Korea).

More than one hundred panels OLED of LG Display are responsible for showing with the highest quality and detail Bulgari Colors, a spectacular exhibition of the work of the Italian firm and Korean artists that is shown in the Seoul Art Center until next time 15 September.

LG Display Bulgari Colors

Since they enter, visitors are amazed at the artistic experience that awaits them inside, thanks to a great wavy videowall composed of sixteen flexible OLED panels located on one of the walls, which is completed with another twenty OLED displays on the other side of the entrance, offering a spectacular view of the jewellery and artwork of the exhibition.

specifically, Bulgari Colors shows more than 190 works by the Italian luxury firm, including jewellery from the iconic Heritage collection, which he has been perfecting since the beginning of the decade of 1930. Inside the gallery, visitors quickly observe how each gemstone tells a completely different story through the phases of its design and striking colors..

LG Display Bulgari Colors

In addition to Bulgari jewelry, exhibition features digital artworks by local South Korean artists, how Vakki, who got endless inspiration from the striking colors of Bulgari's unique gemstones, and that visitors can experience in detail with LG's OLED displays.

A piece that especially attracts attention is the Bulgari Staircase, largely thanks to its brilliant combination of transparent and curved OLEDs to create a 3D reinterpretation of Rome's well-known Spanish Steps, in Italy.

LG Display Bulgari ColorsCurved OLEDs recreate the steps, while transparent OLEDs reproduce various motion effects, like fireworks, flower petals and gems to create a colorful and dreamlike atmosphere, combining technology, modernity and a sophisticated aesthetic to space.

The biggest advantage of OLED is its self-emitting pixels, that turn on and off independently for perfect blacks and infinite contrasts, key features for realistic and vivid images and colors.

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by • 25 Aug, 2021
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