Boat XDM-4K25

Designed for planetariums, dark attractions and immersive destinations of all kinds, RGB laser projectors ship XDM and XDX make full use of HFR and HDR standards.

XDM and XDX Boat are the latest models that the company has incorporated into its RGB laser projection portfolio. Designed to deliver impactful experiences in the theme park industry, exceed expectations with impressive Rec. 2020 colors, native 4K resolution and high performance.

Con los proyectores XDM y XDX, we have harnessed the strengths of our cinema projectors to bring the same interpretations of color and visual effects, worthy of Hollywood, a los parques temáticos y otros lugares de entretenimiento”, Explains Koen Van Belle, Product Manager Entertainment de Barco.

RGB laser light source allows for wider color gamut, which makes the latest additions to the Barco portfolio ideal for those applications where high image fidelity and an additional touch of color are needed to showcase specialized Rec content.. 2020.

In addition, projectors make full use of standards around high frame frequency (High Frame Rate – HFR) and high dynamic range (High Dynamic Range – Hdr) that are increasingly used in content creation. And with the technique Colorgenic, Barco patent pending, XDM and XDX projectors maintain their high brightness levels, even when displaying Rec content. 2020.

Boat XDX-4K40

Smart investing

Built with accumulated knowledge of both the film industry and live events, Barco XDM and XDX projectors take into account the priorities of owners and operators of location-based entertainment venues.

Provide high consistency and accuracy over a long period of time with minimal maintenance. Thanks to the choice of high-quality components and chassis design, including optimized cooling, a laser life of up to up to 40.000 hours.

Sealed optics and complete modularity, even up to the individual laser plates within the light source itself, enable unmatched projector uptime.

Just like UDM and UDX projectors, new members can be managed through Barco's cloud-based projector management platform with remote monitoring, targeting uptime 24/7 and increasing the reliability of the installation.

They are designed with a flexibility that supports an improved ROI. They offer a wide range of lens options including a total of fourteen high-brightness and five high-contrast variants., with relationships ranging from ultra-short range 0,38:1 up to a long range 11:1.

"For planetariums, dark attractions and immersive destinations of all kinds, XDM and XDX projectors will help create extraordinary experiences and exceptional moments that bring visitors back for more.", Says Nicolas Vanden Abeele, Barco's Senior Vice President of Entertainment.

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