Daktronics Yuanyang Ledi Sino-Ocean

Yuanyang New Mall, at Beijing's Sino-Ocean Ledi Port (China), which will be inaugurated in 2022, will wrap its facades with three transparent Led screens of Daktronics.

The streets of Beijing (China) they will look even more with the three transparent outdoor Led screens that will wrap the new Yuanyang Mall, in the port Sino-Ocean Ledi from Beijing, which will be inaugurated in 2022.

These Led screens, to be designed, manufactured and installed by Daktronics, is part of a project in which local partner Beijing Yuan Xin Real Estate Development participates.

Han Chun Rong, project manager, "Beijing Sino-Ocean Ledi Port of Beijing is located in the center of the business district, nestled in the central area of the Tongzhou Canal; a pioneering area, experimental and demonstration for Beijing to build a world city with a strong Chinese accent. No doubt, is the new business district of the city, integrating commercial and residential buildings”.

The screens will have a pixel spacing of 25 Mm and add a total of 488 square meters of Led display. South-facing display will measure 19 meters high by 12 width, with a total of 228 m2.

In a separate part of the building, a west-facing display -of 9 meters high by 11 width- will merge with the corner of the building on a screen facing south of 9 meters high by 19 wide at the top, with a curve of 24 metre from the bottom left of the screen to the upper-right corner of the screen.

The curve follows the architecture of the building to create a unique and immersive visually aesthetic appearance in the new mall..

This Led visualization project will allow you to share messages with passers-by who walk through the area, with information of interest and promotions of the stores of the shopping center or promoting special events.

Being a transparent technology, this facility will allow visitors inside the mall to see the outside, as well as letting natural light into the interior of the space. At the same time, the LeDs will form a visual image that can be seen by those who pass by and connect with the public and potential customers of the shopping center.

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by • 15 sep, 2021
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