Elation at Porsche Austin

At his dealership in Austin he has bet on heads Elation Seven Battens for the sixth floor showcase. The goal is to attract users with an impactful experience.

The dealer of Porsche in Austin (Texas) offers an eye-catching experience to show your cars. And to achieve a more striking effect, linear lights have been used Elation Seven Batten 72.

Eric Bernstein of Intelligent Lighting Services (ILS) Austin has worked with the dealership's ownership group for a while 20 years. In this last project, worked with Kirk Franceschini, managing partner of Hi Tech Motorcars (Porsche Austin Group), who was commissioned to implement a lighting system that sought to attract people to the establishment.

The idea was to align ten Porsche cars along a sixth-floor storefront and illuminate them with a high-quality light so they wouldn't go unnoticed by the eyes..

Elation at Porsche Austin

Bernstein designed the room and specified 20 Elation Seven Batten luminaires 72, Led slats of 1,8 meters that change color with Led multichip of 7 colors, two units illuminating each car.

Llevamos varias luminarias para hacer una demostración con el fin de dar al cliente algunas opciones”, Bernstein explains, who was already familiar with the Seven Batten at other facilities. “Decidimos que era la major opción tanto por las opciones de color como por la potencia”.

The Elation Seven Batten head houses RGBAW Led + Lime + Long-lasting 25W UV, that provide an expanded color palette, including better mixed white output and improved CRI at all mixed white temperatures. Add to this an advanced optical design that produces better color mixing and field smoothness., the Seven Batten series is capable of making powerful projections of uniform color on any surface.

Elation at Porsche Austin

At Porsche Austin, Seven Battens equipment works with halos of light above each car. Each consists of 496 Led of 4 colors with the intention of having full control over them. Each halo runs four universes through a Netron EN4 of Obsidian Control Systems, a powerful Ethernet-to-DMX gateway with internal signals, as well as factory and user presets.

As one of the largest Porsche dealers in the United States, and a top brand in the automotive industry, is strict when it comes to branding. Lighting plays a fundamental role in the presentation of a vehicle and, just like at a motor show, high lumen production and an extremely uniform light level are required.

Los Seven Battens suelen funcionar con luz blanca y para la gran inauguración de agosto lo pusimos todo en blanco muy brillante y quedó muy bien”, Bernstein comments on the lighting of the shop window.

The Porsche Austin dealership supports the local community and, according to Bernstein, that's where color comes in.. “Utilizarán los colores para marcar los eventos locales y vincular el concesionario con el apoyo a los equipos locales”.

Elation at Porsche Austin

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by • 23 sep, 2021
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