Boat MVL-721

With the cubic videowall of led rear projection of new generation MVL-721, ship responds to the requirements of the meeting rooms. A team that offers a high brightness, low power consumption and long service life.

Barco has presented the new generation of videowall MVL-721, a redesigned version of its Led rear-projection model. With a high brightness, low power consumption and long service life, stands out for its image quality, reliability and sustainability, features that respond to the requirements of meeting rooms.

The increase in 55% of the luminosity is realized with the same energy needs. A product that fits into the company's corporate sustainability strategy to reduce the energy footprint of its products in a 25%.

Increased reliability and service life

Improved life of MVL-721 light source, more than 100.000 hours in both normal and ecological mode, responds to the requirements of critical environments, such as control rooms. Redundancy of all critical components (Tickets, Led light sources and external power supply) ensures system uptime in operations 24/7.

In addition, Barco's portfolio of services has been renewed, offering comprehensive packages for the product lifecycle.

Barco's MVL-721 uses Video Wall Manager software, that makes installation easier, configuration and control. Ease of operation is greater with this cloud-based remote monitoring and diagnostic solution, designed for Barco video walls.

Offers AV system integrators and managed service providers the ability to remotely control the entire installed base from a central location. This reduces operating costs and ensures faster and more efficient problem resolution.

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by • 24 sep, 2021
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