Sound Means Nexo in Afial 2021

Based in Barcelona, Sound Means has been created with the specific purpose of bringing the products and experience of nexus to the Spanish market. In front is Jordi Vaquero.

ePS Nexusnexus has come to Afial 2021 and has shown the market the new distribution channel that will have in Spain, the company Sound Means. likewise, you are also showing your solution ID84/IDS312 and the complete series eps.

Based in Barcelona, Sound Means is a completely new company, created with the specific purpose of bringing Nexo's products and expertise, business unit owned by Yamaha Corporation, to the Spanish market. It is headed by Jordi Vaquero, who has worked with the company for more than ten years.

"Sound Means will be exclusively committed to the distribution and promotion of the Nexo brand in Spain. With the 100% of our effort focused on your products, we offer a unique level of specialization to clients and users, in addition to being in the best place to establish a homogeneous trade policy throughout our territory", explains Vaquero.

Nexus ID84Vaquero confirms that Sound Means will have a presence in Madrid, in addition to having a central office in Barcelona, and create a network of national distributors with exclusive agents to improve Nexo's commercial and technical support in all regions of Spain.

"We believe the potential of Nexo's audio solutions extends to many different sectors., from hotels to art galleries. We want to partner with interior designers and engineering companies to consolidate our opportunities in fixed installations. We're seeing a resurgence of live events here, with companies returning to work and the arrival of new players to the market".

By confirming the appointment, Nexo's Sales Manager for Europe, Celso Papadopulos, has assured that there will be “a new team committed to providing great attention and support to Nexo users across the country, and a direct channel to bring our engineering expertise to new customers”.

Audio Solutions

Among the products that can be seen in Afial 2021 Nexo's first column speaker is located, the ID84, which provides brand characteristics in terms of size-to-power ratio and scalable configurations.

This one-meter-high equipment is presented with a low-frequency extension module (ID84L) and an associated subwoofer (IDS312), that can be easily configured to provide a scalable solution, very suitable for acoustically challenging architectures. A solution for public spaces that as anticipated in Digital AV includes a large number of features.

As far as the series for professional installation is concerned ePS Nexus it is composed of three two-way passive cabinets (ePS6, ePS8 and ePS10), as well as the eLS400 subwoofer of 12 inches and the 15" eLS600.

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by • 7 Oct, 2021
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