Genelec 6040R

First model of its new Signature series, Genelec has designed the 6040R bidirectional smart active speaker, based on the representative team of the Finnish brand.

Desarrollado en colaboración con el conocido diseñador industrial finlandés Harri Koskinen (in the image below), the new standing speaker Genelec 6040R merges the best of technology and brand design, delivering exceptional audio performance and elegant aesthetics.

La asociación de Koskinen con Genelec comenzó hace veinte años con la introducción del atemporal modelo 6040A, the brand's first speaker to feature the distinctive minimalist curves of the Minimal Diffraction Enclosure (MDE), a design that since then forms the core of much of the manufacturer's current range of speakers.

Harri Koskinen Genelec 6040R

Made of die-cast aluminum, the MDE meant that the original 6040A produced very clean acoustic performance, with an astonishingly wide frequency response from a housing so compact and free of the resonances that affected traditional wooden cabinet designs.

The MDE also assumed that the 6040A featured Genelec's now familiar directivity control waveguide., offering smooth, colorless reproduction both on and off axis, with minimal distortion.

The twentieth anniversary of the presentation of the iconic 6040 has given Genelec the opportunity to reimagine the technology of this speaker as part of its new Signature Series: a range of speaker models that combines performance and audio design.

specifically, the new 6040R has been designed and manufactured by Genelec in Iisalmi (Finland), following its commitment to the highest environmental standards, with the same LF controller and patented power amplifier technology Bi-amplified Class D than your professional speaker models.

Genelec 6040R Signature SeriesOther improvements include analog and digital inputs (compatible with A formatsEN/EBU and SPDIF), a digital output, universal mains voltage and sophisticated Integrated DSP, that allows each 6040R speaker to intelligently tune into any acoustic environment with the sGLM room calibration oftware.

This integration of signal processing and GLM software allows the user to enjoy pure and natural reproduction, even in spaces that were not originally intended for critical listening.

Genelec 6040R achieves this through the new room calibration algorithm AutoCal 2 of GLM 4.1, that leverages the detailed background information of each individual speaker in the system to precisely tailor performance to the room.

In addition, 6040R offers higher output power, SPL, broad phase linearity, lower power consumption and reliable operation. It can also be used with selected models from the range of intelligent active subwoofers and the F Series manufacturer's, as well as with your wired and wireless volume controllers via an F-series subwoofer or GLM network adapter.

Equipped with a woofer 165 Mm (6,5″) and a tweeter from 19 Mm (0,75″), each independently driven by two stages of power amplifier 150 Dedicated W, the 6040R speaker has a height of 999 mm y offers a frequency response of 43 Hz to 20 khz, with a maximum short-term SPL of 110 Db.

with crossovers sophisticated assets and protection circuits, Genelec 6040R offers a clean and simple installation and only requires power with a high-quality audio source to produce detailed playback.

The visual design of the 6040R is further enhanced through gray color options, black, white, black with white grilles and white with black grids.

"I am delighted to participate in the rebirth of the 6040 -noted designer Harri Koskinen-. When I met in 1999 to the founder of Genelec, Ilpo Martikainen, had a clear vision to create a unique look that would differentiate Genelec aesthetically. With 6040A we designed a speaker that was truly ahead of its time, both visually and technically. With the enormous advances in technology that have taken place in the last twenty years, the bar is even higher with the 6040R".

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