Ideum Galeria Nacional Arte Washington

Thanks to a multi-touch table Ideum Draftin II of 49″, visitors to the National Gallery of Art have at your disposal a variety of tours of the museum's collections.

the National Gallery of Art, also known as ‘the nation's museum’ and located on the National Mall in Washington DC, has had Ideum to create a new and dynamic way to present visitors to the collections it houses, as well as helping them plan and organize their tour.

Founded in 1937, the National Gallery of Art has one of the collections of paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, books, the world's most diverse prints and decorative arts. The museum's catalog is huge and visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the options., especially on a first visit.

Ideum Galeria Nacional Arte Washington

This project was designed to help infrequent or new visitors learn about the spectrum of artists and genres on display to make their tour of the museum fruitful and memorable..

To achieve this, Ideum worked with the Staff of the National Gallery and the designers of the firm Pentagram para crear una interfaz intuitiva acorde con el estilo visual y de marca recientemente reinventado del museo.

On an Ideum touch table Draftin II 49 Inch, visitors have at their disposal a variety of tours of works of art that are exhibited in the museum; a selection by artists who, In addition, can define by topics, with broader categories such as Impressionism, Etc. or more specific, like flowers, animals...

Ideum Galeria Nacional Arte Washington

Each tour offers a variety of artwork, information about each artist, movements and techniques, as well as its location within the gallery rooms. A digital map of the museum and associated QR codes make it easy for visitors to search for previously selected works of interest.

When this tactile display table was delivered to the museum, in one of the phases of the pandemic, was equipped with an Ideum Touchless module, built for easy navigation and eliminates the need to touch shared surfaces, and that it has now been eliminated by having greater knowledge of its transmission and the progress of vaccination.

The core of the Draftin II touch table is a commercial display 4K Ultra HD of Lg, which is based on the capacitive touch technology projected from 3M bezel-less and supports up to eighty touch points Simultaneous, with a use 24/7.

With the National Gallery of Art now completely reopened to the public, Ideum is reviewing with its managers the update of this experience to add more functionality and information to visitors to the museum.

Ideum Galeria Nacional Arte Washington

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by • 20 Oct, 2021
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