Holy Cross Powersoft Cathedral

The renovation of the sound system of this important place of worship is based on amplifiers Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 and a custom-designed line-array, controlled by the manufacturer's Harmony software.

the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Holy Cross Cathedral) is the largest center of worship of any faith in New England, belonging to the Archdiocese of Boston. A Gothic temple of 1875 that has completed an ambitious renovation project.

This framework includes the deployment of a new sound system, based on the technology of Powersoft, specifically in their amplifiers Ottocanali 1204 and a line-array custom designed using amplification modules D-Cell 504, two- and four-channel DSP, and the Harmony software for its management.

Evan Landry, CTO of CommLink Integration Corporation, ha diseñado diseñó el nuevo sistema de sonido del templo en torno a una unidad personalizada, based on a column of two MicroBeam units 32 of Innovox audio, which serves as the core for the entire sound system.

El foco principal del sistema actúa como un ancla acústica, so that all the sound is received as if it came from the choir, explains Landry.. The purpose of this setting is to increase listener engagement, la claridad y la inteligibilidad”.

Holy Cross Powersoft Cathedral

Due to the architectural limitations of this cathedral, custom MicroBeam system uses only 52 elements -instead of the 64 that are commonly used- and the D-Cell module 504 from Powersoft, providing processing and power for the dipoles-spaced low-frequency section, as well as for processed line-level outputs used with MicroBeam.

the line array Innovox MicroBeam steerable uses 26 medium/low frequency active elements (2.75 cone drivers″), powered by D-Cell modules 504 from Powersoft, and others 26 high-frequency elements (3.25 tape drivers″).

Prácticamente todo lo que hacemos utiliza elementos de alta frecuencia de tipo cinta o AMT (air motion transformer) -Says Chris Oswood, owner of Innovox Audio-, mainly to improve the transitional response with respect to conventional media, and that has everything to do with delivering the voice chain to the listener., pero sin la degradación que supone la pérdida de articulación”.

El uso de los módulos D-Cell en los diseños MicroBeamresponden principalmente a la calidad de sonido de las secciones de procesador y amplificador -continúa Oswood-. Other advantages are the form factor, its small size and the power density of the modules, ya que muchos de nuestros productos tienen forma de columna y así los módulos se integran fácilmente”.

To bring the sound coverage from the choir through the 60 meters that extend to the back of the nave, Landry and Oswood installed eighteen line array Additional Innovox, one for each support column in the hallway.

To feed each line array support along columns, with five additional monitor channels, plus another speaker that acts as a mirror image of the acoustic anchor, Powersoft Ottocanali amplifiers are used 1204.

Sabíamos que necesitábamos un canal discreto por altavoz en las dieciocho columnas, that must have unique delay times, so our number of channels was going to be high and the amount of power would be relatively low., since the column speakers are only used for articulation extension. Ottocanali 1204 offered the combination of a large number of channels and low power, al tiempo que mantenía la calidad de sonido para hacer una instalación de primera clase”.

To configure the system DSP, Oswood opted for Powersoft's Harmony software, “que utilizamos de forma rutinaria en otros productos de este fabricante. Es una plataforma muy fácil de usar y con mucha flexibilidad”.

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by • 29 Oct, 2021
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