The new models of JVC incorporate a CMOS sensor, with 4K and HD resolution, along with NDI streaming features|HX and SRT to deliver the best image, even in changing networks.

Robotic cameras KY-PZ400NW/NB, with 4K resolution, and KY-PZ200NW/NB in HD, presented this summer by JVCKenwood and already available in the Spanish market, are part of its range Connected CAM.

The HD version consists of the KY-PZ200NW/NB and KY-PZ200W/B (the latter is a simpler and cheaper version), and are especially suitable for concerts, acontecimientos deportivos y otras retransmisiones en directo.

To do this, estas nuevas cámaras PTZ ofrecen potentes herramientas creativas para la difusión de contenidos en transmisiones en directo en el cambiante entorno de los nuevos medios de producción.

Al integrar la tecnología NDI|HX of Vizrt Group, las cámaras KY-PZ400NW/NB y KYPZ200NW/NB ofrecen transmisión de vídeo por IP de alta calidad y baja latencia, especialmente beneficioso en la difusión online.

Las tres opciones de cámara proporcionan una alta calidad de imagen y rendimiento para la producción remota de contenidos por Internet, para lo que trabajan con codificación H.265/H.264/MJPEG y disponen de código de tiempo VITC (vertical interval timecode) para sincronizar configuraciones multicámara.

Estamos encantados de ofrecer este alto grado de funcionalidad en las nuevas cámaras PTZ en sus versiones 4K y HD -asegura Joe D’Amico, Vp. de JVC Professional Video en Estados Unidos-. The time has finally come to reach our customers. The first models out of the factory are the HD versions, con los beneficios que aporta la tecnología NDI a sus producciones en streaming”.

The three chambers, available with the body in black or white to adapt to the conditions of each installation, incorporate SRT, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP/RTMPS, in addition to standard protocols.

By integrating technology at this time Open Source SRT to JVC cameras, users of this type of robotic devices have the corresponding firmware updates to have a future-proof system.

The advanced streaming capabilities associated with SRT technology range from auto-repeat requests (Arq) until error correction (Fec), that prevents the loss of packets frequently presented by other systems. It also includes encryption of the signals to provide total protection to the contents.

By integrating them into a production system with the JVC BR-DE900 ProHD decoder, compatible with HEVC/H.265 and H.264/AVC compression standards, a high quality of service is achieved over any network, with an optimal audiovisual experience.

New cameras can manage VITC code with Network Time Protocol (Ntp), facilitating the configuration of a multi-camera system for the production of live events.

When you want to cover conferences and presentations, KY-PZ200N and KY-PZ200 cameras are UVC compatible (USB Video Class), which allows you to work with these devices as if they were simple webcams. Both models can be connected directly to a PC with a simple USB cable, convirtiéndolas en una herramienta ideal para aplicaciones de formación, For example.

Equipada con un sensor CMOS 4K de 1/2,5 with progressive scanning, el modelo KY-PZ400N ofrece un amplio ángulo de visión (equivalent to 26,4 mm in 35 Mm); iluminación mínima de 0,5 lux y un zoom digital 16X.

Los modelos KY-PZ200N y KY-PZ200 usan un sensor CMOS HD de 1/2,8 with progressive scanning; zoom óptico 20X que alcanza 606,9 Mm (equivalencia en 35 Mm). Todos los modelos cuentan con conectividad HDMI y 3G-SDI, RJ45 with PoE, RS232 and RS485.

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