Rituals BrightSign First Impression

An innovative interactive aroma display, located in the new flagship store of Rituals in Amsterdam, serves to promote its range of perfumes thanks to the management of the multimedia players of BrightSign.

The newly opened House of Rituals, the flagship store of this cosmetics chain located on Kalverstraat, (Amsterdam – Netherlands) has a interactive and aromatic visual installation for the presentation of your perfume collection Talisman, a new market for the brand, as well as to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the brand.

The Dutch audiovisual company First Impression has designed an innovative aroma display for this purpose, controlled by media players BrightSign. Once the perfume has been selected based on the entries made by the client in a iPad, a Led light illuminates under the bottle. If the customer takes the pipette from the perfume bottle, a video is played describing all its features while testing.

Rituals BrightSign First Impression

A customized system with BrightSign equipment makes it easy for the user to interact with the store's iPads, at the same time that the integrated application provides valuable marketing data on which Rituals can improve the shopping and business experience.

As he explains Menno Huizinga, Senior Solutions Architect at First Impression, “did not contact to create a system in which audiovisual technology would reinforce the brand's experience and show the range of perfumes of the store. The result is a interactive lab where customers can try Rituals products, providing data to which the brand can respond”.

Rituals BrightSign First Impression

In this process of managing this experience on digital screens, Huizinga emphasizes that “the reliability of BrightSign players has been invaluable in providing an immersive scent showcase, professional and very stable”.

for Jeff Hastings, ceo of BrightSign, “driving such an innovative and customer-centric solution for Rituals has been great. One of the key concepts of the experience store was to start selling perfumes., and the brand wanted to establish itself in this market in a very creative way, that has been achieved with a memorable and reliable display in its flagship store”.

Customers can select a Rituals perfume based on their favorite scent in an audiovisual display, which in turn connects the aroma profiles of Rituals with two databases. First the customer is invited to introduce their favorite perfume on an iPad, and the system automatically finds the closest fragrance in the Rituals range.

Rituals BrightSign First Impression

Another questionnaire invites customers to introduce the basic ingredients they like (For example, white tea and blonde santal) and the application illuminates with Led all perfume bottles aligned with this scent, reducing it to three possibilities, that the customer can try and buy.

Two players BrightSign HD1024 control the lighting of this interactive function, activating the Led strips located under the perfume bottles, and capturing the attention of customers on the aromas of the brand that the application has selected.

In addition, First Impression has offered House of Rituals a flexible and easily accessible approach to managing the in-store brand experience through BrightAuthor Connected by BrightSign, along with a custom store control app.

At the touch of a button, the content offered by the digital screens of the establishment can be changed to promote the new season or for specific seasonal periods, like Christmas.

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