PPDS Philips Beadside

This technological partnership combines televisions Philips of PPDS for healthcare environments with the Ergonomic Design Arm Luxo Maximum, developed by the specialist in screen assembly Glamox.

Responding to the visualization needs of patients during their stay in the hospital with adequate and ergonomic screens and mounting systems is the objective of the association between PPDS and Glamox.

As part of the Total solutions of PPDS, that combines best-in-class displays with reference software and hardware specialists, this agreement with Glamox offers its partners and customers a top quality installation solution, that allows to complete the projects in a faster and cheaper way.

specifically, the proposal focuses on the range of televisions Philips Bedside medical grade, of the range Heartline Android from 19″, designed and built exclusively for use in hospitals, Residences, Etc., with the arm Luxo Maximum three-pivot.

PPDS Philips Beadside GlamoxDeveloped specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals, the Luxo Maximum arm is easy to install and is made of high-strength aluminum materials, offering great reach, balance and maximum vertical and horizontal movement to adjust to the patient's positioning needs.

Available in white and light grey as standard, Luxo Maximum has the wiring integrated into the arm, allowing it to be used with connectors without the need to modify it and leave the space free.

Replacement and maintenance are simplified through the internal cable conduit, whose caps are easily removed while the arm is installed to minimize both maintenance costs and downtime. To this is added a durability of more than 30.000 Cycles, with a five-year warranty.

for Jeroen Verhaeghe, director of international business development at PPDS, “la marca Philips es reconocida en el sector sanitario y, in PPDS, our goal is to support it, providing solutions that make a real difference, both for health institutions and, above all, for the patients they care for. By partnering with Glamox, ayudamos a garantizar que puedan disfrutar de ese entretenimiento desde nuestros televisores con los máximos niveles de comodidad”.

Un aspecto fundamental de esta asociación es quenuestros socios pueden ofrecer ahora a sus clientes una solución completa de instalación de televisores y soportes, simplificando el proceso de compra y ahorrando tiempo y dinero para que los proyectos se completen rápidamente”.

Quality and comfort

PPDS Philips Beadside GlamoxPhilips HeadTVs are designed to meet the special needs and requirements of professional healthcare environments, including hygiene and electrical insulation, as well as entertainment and information services for the patient.

Whether in the hospital for a day, a week or longer, the role of the TV is also important, as it influences the patient's well-being, pain management and recovery rate.

Philips TVs for the healthcare environment integrates Chromecast, allowing you to stream content from a personal mobile device, as well as access to a variety of entertainment services, as television and radio stations, thousands of apps via Google Play (including games, news, time, YouTube), Etc.

Patients may also have immediate access to personal and relevant medical information if defined by the medical center., whether it's on call, the latest test results, treatments planned and even the menu that will be for dinner.

The Philips head TV is made with an antimicrobial housing that complies with the JIS Z2801 standard to prevent the growth of common microorganisms, while its front of hydrophobic tempered glass has a anti-fingerprint coating and water repellent to help maintain hygiene levels.

The displays also include the technology of galvanic isolation to manage and contain electricity safely, eliminating the risks of impact on surrounding equipment.

La asociación con proveedores especializados como Glamox añade aún más valor y comodidad a nuestro negocio y a los socios a los que prestamos servicio -subraya Verhaeghe-. Our strategy of Total solutions, in collaboration with some of the world's leading software and hardware vendors, está ayudando a eliminar las frustraciones de tiempo y costes”.

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