Vivitek D9000Z

Designed for ProAV rental applications and large venues, Vivitek contributes in its new series of laser projectors DU9900Z, available through Charmex, a power of 22.000 lumens and dynamic contrast ratio of 3.000.000:1.

the D9000Z series of Vivitek is the one that has the most luminous equipment of laser technology of all those offered by the manufacturer, with 22.000 Lumens and resolution WUXGA, to offer continuous operation during 30.000 hours in Eco mode, ensuring uninterrupted operation with minimal user intervention.

The constant brightness function helps to maintain the light levels of the laser thanks to a smart sensor, that continuously measures and adjusts the lighting output of the equipment.

In addition, the projectors in the series are covered by a warranty of 5 years or by 20.000 hours of use for a brighter and more durable image, with the most reliable warranty.

Vivitek D9000Z

‘Edge blending function’

Designed to meet the rental needs of the professional audiovisual environment, these computers include the functionality of Edge-blending, that allows multiple projectors to create a perfectly matched display.

To ensure flexibility, D9000Z series projectors have five lenses Optional, with projection ratios from 0,84:1 to 7,00:1, as well as a motorized lens with positioning memory (LPS).

These laser equipment have extensive settings to correct the geometry of the projected image that, next to edge correction functions, keystone deformation and distortion of multiple screens and flexibility of the 360° installation, provide greater flexibility in installation.

In addition, incorporate a 3G-SDI connector, allowing a camera to be used as an image source for the distribution of HD video and digital audio content.

Vivitek D9000Z

Remote device management

Vivitek D9000Z supports protocol ArtNet for lighting control and remote device management, as well as the software PJ Control for network-based management of display options, the configuration, programming and adjusting display features.

Other functions that incorporates this series of laser projectors are Picture in picture and Picture by picture, that allow images from two different active sources to coexist in the same projection.

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by • 17 Dec, 2021
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