Christie in Little Canada

Toronto's new attraction, Called Little Canadá, use the projectors Christie Captiva and DWU630-GS to bring to life this immersive experience that tells the story of the country on a small miniature stage.

Little Canadá is Toronto's newest attraction that takes visitors on a journey across the country, including landmarks, sights and sounds, all in miniature, under one roof. Carbon Arc Projects, specialized in the realization of virtual and face-to-face experiences, has chosen the 1DLP projectors of the Series GS and Captiva of Christie to illuminate landmarks throughout the attraction.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Little Canadá cubre 4.180 square meters of interior space on two floors and recreates popular places and landmarks to scale 1:87 -the same size as miniature railways-, with five destinations including Little Niagara, Little Toronto, Little Ottawa and Petit Quebec.

Christie in Little Canada

Little Canadá es un mundo en miniatura muy detallado que cobró vida gracias a la tecnología del siglo XXI. Its construction took more than 180.000 horas y es un homenaje a este país por parte de sus creadores.

"We got a call at 2018 of content creator Blink Multimedia for a new project that was taking shape. And we knew this one was going to be unlike any other we'd ever done., explains ", Explains Sean Hooper, Carbon Arc Projects partner.

Christie in Little Canada

Carbon Arc Projects selected the 1DLP Christie Captiva laser projectors and DWU630-GS for attraction. "We recommended Christie's equipment because we were looking for a short-range professional projector in the low to medium brightness range.. Met the requirements, with a laser light source", aclara Hooper. Projectors are integrated with the playback system, that is centrally controlled.

La complejidad y los detalles de Little Canadá han cautivado a los visitantes desde que abrió este verano. "It is a very detailed and immersive miniature attraction that offers spectacular scenery, sonidos ambientales envolventes y atracciones animadas. Las proyecciones desempeñan un papel especial para dar vida a la magia de este proyecto y brindarles a los visitantes la oportunidad de experimentar partes del país que de otro modo no podrían”, comenta el portavoz de Little Canadá.

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by • 21 Dec, 2021
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