Circlassica Earpro EES

Lighting designer Juanjo Llorens has illuminated the show ‘Circlassica’ with Robe Lighting, Vari-Lite and Robert Juliat, brands marketed in Spain Earpro-EES.

The argument of Circlassica, created and directed by Emilio Aragon, focuses on Miliki, one child of 7 years of age who long to be a clown; compose beautiful melodies and make people all over the world laugh with their own circus. Hoping to make your dream come true, writes his aspiration in the Book of All Trips.

Circlassica Earpro EESThat same night, his imaginary is transformed into reality and his world is filled with light and color. This is how it begins Circlassica and a universe opens before the eyes of the spectator full of acrobats, Jugglers, musicians and trapeze artists and where, Don Pepito and Don Jose, play a crucial role in this journey.

To immerse and guide the viewer, no age limit, for this story, the illuminator designer Juanjo Llorens has used fifty LedBeam 150; twenty-four MegaPoints and equal number of Spiider manufacturer's Steal.

Circlassica Earpro EESTo this are added twenty-four units VL3015 and eighteen VL3500 Wash FX of Vari-Lite, with two cannons Victor of Robert Juliat; all of them belonging to the park of fixed equipment of the circus.

In this project, Llorens has been accompanied by Rodrigo Ortega and by the rest of the lighting equipment, composed of Joel Lozano, Alba Gonzalez and Beatriz Calvo, along with Flavio Bañuelos and Marco Monteiro as responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the rigger and the tent.

This music show, light and fantasy by Emilio Aragón, produced by the family Gonzalez- Manuel, founders of Smile Producers, is held until the next 30 January at the fairgrounds of Ifema Madrid.

Circlassica Earpro EES

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by • 28 Dec, 2021
• section: Case studies, lighting