LG Display OLED EX

Rated as your next generation OLED TV, LG Display ha logrado mejorar la calidad de imagen y el brillo de estas pantallas hasta en un 30%, according to the company, con la tecnología OLED EX, que incorpora el deuterio y algoritmos personalizados.

El nombre OLED EX es un acrónimo de Evolución and eXperiencia, que representa el objetivo de LG Display de brindar a los clientes nuevas experiencias a través de su tecnología OLED.

Las pantallas OLED son autoemisivas, con múltiples millones de píxeles que emiten luz de forma independiente sin una fuente de luz de fondo separada. Esta característica distintiva permite a OLED EX lograr la expresión de color negra perfecta y precisa, así como un tiempo de respuesta extremadamente rápido.

since 2013, año en el que LG Display realizó la producción de pantallas de TV OLED en masa, the manufacturer has constantly improved this technology and its latest advancement is EX.

LG Display OLED EX

When this technology is applied to OLED displays EX combines deuterium compounds and custom algorithms to optimize the stability and efficiency of the organic light-emitting diode, resulting in better overall screen performance.

Thanks to EX technology, OLED EX displays offer new levels of precision and brightness of the image to display realistic details and colors without any distortion, such as the reflection of sunlight in a river or each individual vein of a tree leaf.

Deuterium compounds are used to make organic light-emitting diodes, highly efficient, that emit a stronger light. LG Display has successfully converted the hydrogen elements present in the light-emitting organic elements into stable deuterium and has managed to apply them for the first time to OLED EX.

Deuterium is twice as heavy as normal hydrogen, and there is only a small amount in the natural world, since only one deuterium atom is found in approximately 6.000 ordinary hydrogen atoms.

LG Display has figured out how to extract deuterium from water and apply it to organic light-emitting devices. When stabilized, deuterium compounds allow the screen to emit a brighter light, while maintaining high efficiency for a long time.

LG Display OLED EXIn addition, thanks to LG Display's custom algorithm, based on machine learning technology, OLED EX has more control over your own device. The algorithm predicts the amount of usage up to 33 millions of organic light-emitting diodes screen-based OLED 8K, after learning from individual display patterns, and precisely controls the power input of the display to more accurately display the details and colors of the video content being played.

LG Display has also updated its designs through the new OLED EX technology, with the reduction of the bezel thickness of 6 mm original a 4 Mm based on 65 OLED displays″, what is a 30% less compared to those of this type, which creates a viewing experience yet more immersive and, at the same time, with a more elegant design.

The company's forecast is to integrate OLED EX technology into all OLED TV screens manufactured at its production plants in Paju (South Korea) and in Guangzhou (China), from second quarter of 2022.

“Despite the fact that the global TV market experienced a fall of the 12% This year, we still see a growth of the 70% in OLED sales, he explains Dr. Oh Chang-ho, Vp. executive and director of LG Display's TV business unit-. With OLED EX, our goal is to provide even more innovative and high-level customer experiences through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms and designs”.

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