PPDS and NoviSign at Beit Lessin Theatre

To attract the public, have been placed 4 Screens PPDS Philips H-Line UHD 55" street-facing, while inside the Beit Lessin Theatre 21 D-Line models have been installed×55 inches equipped with media players. To connect this network the software is used NoviSign.

As part of a move to a new premises, the most popular theater in Israel, Beit Lessin, resorted to digital signage of Philips to revolutionize the way we communicate with the public, both inside and outside the auditorium. For the show they have been installed 25 high brightness screens.

The Beit Lessin Theatre is a very popular venue in the heart of Tel Aviv, one of the largest and most popular in Israel, that entertains the local population with modern works from 1980.

Its name was named in honor of Baruch Ivcher, an Israeli-born businessman who donated 25 million NIS (some 5 million pounds sterling) to the company. The theater is famous for its mix of cultural programs that fuse artistic statements., social and contemporary, and cover the nuances and realities of life in Israel.

Over the years, the theater has also presented more than a thousand contemporary American and European plays, as well as original productions, including popular Broadway shows in New York and London's West End, like Chicago and Guys and Dolls.

The Beit Lessin Theatre, that attracts the best talent in the country, it also functions as a school of playwrights, helping beginners and advanced to master their craft.

PPDS and NoviSign at Beit Lessin Theatre

A new headquarters

The growing popularity of theatre, driven by its fantastic representations, its great cultural importance and the increase of the public, made that in 2019 will move to a totally new and contemporary headquarters.

This space of 7.000 square meters has two rooms. A big and cozy, the other small and intimate. Both equipped with advanced sound and lighting installations, acclaimed by the theater as the most advanced in the world.

To complete the perfect entertainment experience, the theatre needed a new digital signage solution robust enough to withstand direct sunlight, high climatic temperatures and continuous operation of the 24 hours of the day.

PPDS and NoviSign at Beit Lessin Theatre

Customized solution

To respond to your requirements with a tailor-made solution, Beit Lessin Theatre partnered with PPDS, with the digital signage specialist Screens TV and with NoviSign.

To attract the public, a set of four screens was strategically placed Philips H-Line UHD 55 Inch. Facing the street and located on the panoramic glass façade of the theater, these very high brightness equipment were selected for their image quality under direct sunlight, which guarantees maximum efficiency and beautiful image quality in any condition. These can be managed and controlled remotely, and their failover technology allows them to remain always active.

Inside the theatre, screens have been mounted Philips D-Line of 21×55 Inch equipped with media players to create an inspiring wow effect for guests entering the auditorium.

With these screens, visitors can find out about current and future works, as well as on the programming and information for the collection of tickets. Configured custom NoviSign software to connect the entire display network, allowing theatre staff to update content instantly and easily throughout the day, both with manual control and with automatic programming.


  • Ultra high brightness: The brightness of 2.500 cd/m² ensures high visibility and pure image quality in extreme sunlight conditions.
  • Easy integration with the CMS: Beit Lessin Theatre staff can update content using NoviSign's custom content management system.
  • Preview: Works come to life on every screen with static, animated content for a truly engaging experience.
  • Advanced programming: Multiple channels are used with exclusive playlists, partials of the day, tailored content and exclusive campaigns to improve the overall experience and events.
  • Remote management: First and second line support is covered by remote management and diagnostics, while playback reports are also available for individual content channels.

Philips equipment used:

  • H-Line 55BDL3202H/00 (4 units).
  • D-Line 55BDL4051D/00 (4 units).
  • 55BDL4050D/00 (5 units).
  • H-Line 55BDL3102H/00 (4 units).
  • Q-Line BDL3230QL/00 (4 units).
  • P-Line 55BDL5057P/00 (4 units).

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