Europalco Deloitte Christie

The 3DLP projectors of Christie, together with its Pandoras Box server and Spyder X80 processor make up the technology that Europalco has used to 'give life’ a spectacular 360º screen and circular format.

Designed by event companies Global Challenge and Europalco, the last corporate event of Deloitte in Portugal, held in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion lisbon, had a spectacular staging, for which integral solutions of Christie to power a large 86-inch screen×6 metre, in circular format, around which the stage and tables were arranged.

Europalco Deloitte Christie"The idea was to create an immersive stage for all the guests at the event., called as The dream circle by the customer", Explains Valter Bar, Europalco video technician, company responsible for AV equipment, sound system, cameras and lighting, including lasers.

To power this large display, Europalco used eight 3DLP projectors of Christie, each with a power of 30.000 Lumens and resolution 4K, that were hung from a Truss circular interior at a shooting distance of 20 metre.

"We chose these video projectors because of their power," adds Barra.. Also for its reliability and definition, ideal for this type of projections where people are very close to the screen. And the truth is that they behaved as they have accustomed us, fault-free and with excellent performance, offering nothing less than a total of 240.000 lumens".

Europalco Deloitte Christie

The Europalco expert points out that the biggest challenge was the short time to assemble the setup and adjust everything before testing, "but Christie Twist, a built-in proprietary software to effect warping and blending in projection matrices, it greatly facilitated our realization".

To move video content, Europalco used a Christie server Pandoras Box, "which provided us with a great experience for the control of the show working with a projection at very high resolution (30.976×2.160Q) and with a large number of outputs, as well as excellent processing", points out Barra.

Europalco also used a Christie multiscreen processor Spyder X80 to manage multiple signals, including projectors, cameras for PiP Live, Pandoras Box server, the teleprónter for presenters and speakers, along with four computers for presentations, videos and notes.

Europalco Deloitte Christie"Spyder X80 is a video processor that does not fail and gives us all the confidence we need in an event like this., always with a fantastic performance -assures Barra-. This processor offers twenty-four inputs and sixteen outputs, unmatched processing power of 80 megapixels and 4K resolution at 60Hz".

Through the contents projected on the screen, the guests were involved in a journey of intergalactic spacecraft that took them through various aquatic scenarios, forestry and urban, until you reach the inside of a space station, where the awards ceremony was held.

"The truth is that it was a unique audiovisual experience after the pandemic, that took us on an incredible journey and made us feel unparalleled experiences," he explains. Gonçalo Oliveira, event manager en Global Challenge-. The contents were created in 360º and the result exceeded our expectations. And we were able to position our client at the forefront of technology.".

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by • 10 feb, 2022
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