Biamp Qt X 300 and 600 Avit Vision

The new Cambridge Qt X sound masking drivers 300 and 600 of Biamp replace Qt models 300 and 600, on which they base their technology and functionalities.

In addition to an optimal experience of sound masking, the drivers Biamp Qt X 300 and 600 will have firmware updates and offer advanced capabilities, as its integration with the new stations of NPX network warnings of this manufacturer and the versions of in-plenum controller and 70v, to be presented soon, plus optional compatibility with dante.

Thanks to the performance of these new models, Biamp has decided descatalogar immediate sound masking drivers Qt 300 and Qt 600 and pass all pending and future orders to Qt X versions 300 and 600.

Among the advantages offered by the Qt X series is the protection of the privacy of conversations, the reduction of sound distractions and the improvement of acoustic comfort in all types of facilities, regardless of architectural design or roof type, in addition to supporting public address and ambient music, no need for additional components.

The Biamp QT X series is available in eight models and supports Dante media distribution and AVB, in addition to its compatibility with direct field Qt indirect emitters and DynasoundPRO Existing.

In addition, this new sound masking solution, available in Spain through the network of AVIT Vision, integrates seamlessly with Biamp's portfolio of AV technologies and Dante-based third-party devices.

Sources connected to any Qt X controller can be routed to any other networked device in this series to be played within the areas under its control, which makes the public address system and the distribution of music in one installation flexible and simple.

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