Tommex AEQ at Casa Cultura Zamosc

The new sound infrastructure you have installed Tommex in this building in Poland is based on speakers Coda Audio and Yamaha. For its part, the intercom and scene direction system has been made with the Aeq.

The integrator Tommex has been commissioned to modernize the building of the Zamość House of Culture (Poland). For the new sound design has used solutions of Coda Audio and Yamaha, while for the intercom system it has been based on the equipment of the Spanish brand Aeq.

More than half a century after its inauguration, the building has undergone a profound modernization. The first stage has been completed, consisting of the spatial modernization of the interior of the installation, which mainly included the auditorium and its surroundings.

As part of the auditorium, a balcony has been built, the stage has been raised, increasing the total number of seating for spectators to 413, and new seats and lighting have been installed, as well as a modern and advanced sound system.

Tommex AEQ at Casa Cultura Zamosc

The stage sound system for the auditorium has been designed on the basis of Coda Audio speakers, taking into account the architectural conditions of the room, ensuring uniform sound coverage of the entire surface to be sounded and minimizing the risk of sound waves being reflected off the surface of the room.

This selected and configured system will allow the implementation of various types of cultural events, music concerts, theatrical performances and conferences.

The sound project is based on the system TiRay, consisting of two suspended arrays of eight modules per side, supported by woofers SCV-F. The system is completed with broadband kits D5-Cube that work as front fill and kits HOPS8i two-way installed under the balcony.

Tommex AEQ at Casa Cultura Zamosc

This infrastructure is powered by amplifiers Linus10C and Linus14 connected to the transport system based on a Dante IP network via AES/EBU digital inputs.

Tommex, as an authorized distributor of Yamaha professional and premium audio consoles, has delivered the first mixing board in Poland of the series Rivage PM3. Signals for amplifiers are supplied from the Yamaha console CS-R3 together with the DSP-RX, to be used during events and concerts held in the hall.

The system is complemented by analog/digital converters RIO 3224-D2 and TIO16/08. Transmission of audio signals between individual sound system locations in the room and device control is carried out using network devices located in the main rack of the sound system in the technical room. The main console system is configured so that it can be used as a mobile solution.

Tommex AEQ at Casa Cultura Zamosc

Intercom System

The auditorium has also been equipped with an advanced intercom system and a stage direction system based on the devices of the Spanish brand AEQ.

The theater has an advanced stage direction system of the Spanish brand AEQ. The heart of the system is the matrix CrossNet 40, responsible for the distribution of audio signals between the wired panels TP8116 (rack) and TP8416 (dessert) and WiFi-based wireless panels Xplorer, which can also be used for notices to the audience, as well as for narration or voiceover.

The system provides communication between the alderman's workstation, the lighting technician and the stage manager, as well as wireless modules that, in combination with an access point, can be used independently during external events by integrating them into a mobile system.

Tommex AEQ at Casa Cultura Zamosc

Mobile sound

A mobile sound system has also been designed for outdoor use, based on N-APS, an ultra-compact point source of 2 tracks and dual speaker 6,5 Inch, which combines the versatility of a point source with the ability to operate in a linear array of 6 units.

The system has the option to suspend broadband speakers or place them on tripods. the 4 SCV-F subwoofers and the power amplifier system allow to create in low frequencies a cardioid or omnidirectional system. It is powered by the power amplifier Linus14D.

The design of the system has been responsible for the company Tommex, while the set-up of the sound system has been commissioned by Szczepan Sołtys.

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