Christie Equality Statue

Para esta exhibición de mapping de proyección en la recién inaugurada Estatua de la Igualdad se utilizan ocho equipos de la serie Crimson y cuatro láser puro Griffyn 4K32 de Christie.

the Estatua de la Igualdad, que conmemora la vida y la enseñanza del pensador y líder religioso hinduista del siglo XI Sri Ramanujacharya, es la segunda más grande del mundo (with 65 meters high) en posición sentada, recientemente inaugurada en las afueras de la ciudad de Hyderabad, capital del estado de Telangana en India.

En su base se realiza un espectáculo de mapping de proyección para el que se utilizan ocho proyectores láser de la serie Crimson y cuatro láser puro Griffyn 4K32-RGB of Christie, instalados por su partner Tricolor India Schauspiel, conocido integrador de sistemas en este país, especializado precisamente en mapping de proyección arquitectónica en 3D.

Christie Equality Statue

Los proyectores de la serie Crimson se han instalado dentro de dos torres para brindar imágenes brillantes y coloridas en la superficie de la estatua, mientras que los modelos Griffyn 4K32-RGB se usan para proyectar en las puertas y paredes que rodean la estatua.

La Estatua de la Igualdad se ubica sobre un edificio de 16 metros de alto denominado Bhadra Vedi, que alberga una biblioteca digital y un centro de investigación, un teatro y una galería educativa en la que se muestran diversas obras de Sri Ramanujacharya.

“Este es un proyecto histórico -asegura Himanshu Sabharwal, director creativo de Tricolor India Schauspiel, and we have spared no effort to bring this long-awaited projection mapping to fruition using a very capable and reliable system that can withstand inclement weather".

Christie's Crimson series "is our preferred choice due to its excellent track record in India.", particularly in terms of performance, reliability and service support, he explains.. We are also delighted to implement the Griffyn 4K32-RGB to make detailed projections on various structures overlooking the Statue of Equality.".

Rishubh Nayar, Sales Director of Christie's Enterprise Division in India, "We are deeply honored that our projectors have been chosen to illuminate the Statue of Equality., symbolizing Sri Ramanujacharya's ideals of equality, and sincere congratulations to the Tricolor India Schauspiel team for hosting a show that demonstrates the capabilities of our high-brightness laser projection systems.".

Designed for demanding applications, withstand climatic rigors and reliable operation, Crimson series projectors are very sturdy and feature a solid-state laser light source with IP5X sealing, to offer years of operation, low cost and virtually maintenance-free.

Christie Equality Statue

With a power of 31.500 Lumens and technology Christie BoldColor, these laser projectors produce high brightness and color images, to which is added the fast processing of electronics TruLife and the integrated capabilities of warping and blending of Twist manufacturer's.

In India, the Crimson Series has been used in other major projects such as the Statue of Unity and the light and sound show Victoria Memorial (more details on Digital AV).

For its part, Griffyn 4K32-RGB projector offers 34.000 Lumens while operating at less than 46Dba with full brightness, which is particularly suitable for demanding applications in large spaces and in the rental and event environment.

Griffyn 4K32-RGB produces an exceptionally wide color gamut, achieving more than 96% of the color space Rec. 2020 (twice as much as Rec. 709 and a 50% more than DCI-P3 projectors).

It also includes the new electronic color convergence capability (ECC), allowing users to adjust convergence via remote control for easy and seamless color alignment.

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