FirstEnergy Powersoft Stadium

M-Force controllers and X4 power amplifiers from Powersoft now offer sound coverage to the 70.000 spectators of this sports facility in the United States.

Home of the American football team Cleveland Browns, the FirstEnergy Stadium of Cleveland (Ohio) It has a current capacity for some 70.000 Amateurs, which has increased in recent years, as well as its sound system to offer maximum coverage to its large influx of public.

The latest and recent renovation of the sound infrastructure has been carried out Kirk Powell, audio engineer of ATK Audiotek, specialist in live sound design for sports stadiums, for which you have selected the drivers M-Force and power amplifiers X4 of Powersoft, brand that he had already used in his projects

As in most outdoor sports stadiums, FirstEnergy has a large distributed system that aims to have as much coverage as possible, while this can have the effect of decreasing the impact of the sound rather than just hearing it.

"They wanted the sound system to bring more energy to the stands," Powell explains.. Whenever you have an outdoor stadium you have to move a lot of air and, in this case, I wasn't able to go down as much as it needed to give that nice one ‘Punch‘ to the public".

Powell's immediate recommendation to stadium management was to implement the Drivers Powersoft M-Force in every quadrant of the stadium to provide the necessary boost. "It offers a lot of power in a very small package.. In a stadium, space on the sideline is scarce, so if we can save something while still having that powerful impact, it makes a big difference".

In this project, Powell worked with the stadium integrator Pro Media Audio & video to install and maintain the system, finally using two M-Force boxes and two Powersoft X4 amplifiers in each quadrant.

Once the configuration is installed, the reaction has been immediately positive from the stadium's sound team. "The stadium operations staff were really excited when they started hearing it.. It has had a spectacular impact on the system and they are very happy with the results.”.

Although the facility is currently for rent, Powell points out that if the proof of concept works as well as it has so far in the preseason, the stadium has the option for M-Force subwoofers. "We have fully achieved the effect they were looking for.: when M-Force is turned on with the music between plays it is really felt in the audience; it makes the stadium vibrate and really keeps the fan in the game.", Says.

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by • 9 sea, 2022
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