AVer CAM550

Designed for application in medium and large rooms, the CAM550 Conferencing PTZ Camera Aver combines dual 4K lens functionality, dynamic framing technology and gesture control, among other features.

The American manufacturer Aver has added to its range of cameras for conferences the model CAM550 that allows you to automatically and seamlessly focus on meeting participants in medium and large rooms.

AVer CAM550

Developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, the CAM550 combines the functionality of dual lens and capacity PTZ, dynamic framing technology, gesture control and intelligent gallery capabilities to create a versatile conferencing solution.

To do this, CAM550 equips two 4K lenses to capture a complete view of the room with wide-angle quality, with 12X optical zoom (which means a total zoom of 24X) to frame meeting participants.

With dynamic framing technology, the camera also has a AI lens for automated PTZ functionality, providing a complete view of meeting attendees, seamlessly detecting newcomers.

AVer CAM550

In addition, AVer CAM550 includes a secondary AI lens designed to automatically capture and reframe meeting participants moving in and around the meeting room during a presentation.

Carl Harvell, AVer's Director of Product Marketing in the United States, "We continue to invest in meeting room functionality by engineering and designing new technologies to support the future of collaboration.. CAM550's 4K dual-lens camera technology enables wide-angle capture and crisp video to see the room in its entirety and make professional-quality video calls.".

AVer CAM550

Technology Smart Gallery AVer captures attendees, allowing AI technology to crop participants' faces and ensure everyone is clearly visible, either portrait or half-length mode to suit each meeting.

This model incorporates the functionality of gesture recognition with AI to control the camera, that eliminates common touchpoints to increase meeting security. Also supports dual display and three-way output for HDMI transmissions, USB and IP simultaneously.

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by • 28 sea, 2022
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