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The Japanese architecture and civil engineering firm Shimizu Corporation use the driver DataPath VSN1182, along with your WallControl management software 10 Professional, for the management of sources and content of your videowall, composed of 33 55" screens Lg flat and curved.

With annual sales of approximately 15.000 millions of US dollars, the specialist in architecture and civil engineering Shimizu Corporation is one of Japan's top five contractors and recognized among the top twenty in the world.

The company has installed a large videowall to modernize its Smart control center (SCC) multipurpose, located at its headquarters in central Tokyo, in order to monitor in detail and with data from numerous sources the process of no less than three new skyscrapers that are currently being built in the capital of Japan.

The new videowall, configured with 33 LG 55" screens, allows you to monitor different elements and be used for more things, from monitoring the construction site of skyscrapers, through multiple network video cameras, to show the design and progress of each plant and the documents, as well as videoconferences and presentations.

The search for a technically and commercially optimal solution of a videowall solution that not only allowed a large number of inputs and outputs from sources (up to 4K60), but also content and flexible control, no need for extensive external controller programming was challenging.

At last, The technology managers of Shimizu Corporation selected the videowall controller Datapath VSN1182, running the management software WallControl 10 Professional to enhance the content.

The Datapath controller allows you to manage the videowall and even configure the bezel correction, in addition to displaying different fonts anywhere and in any size, that start directly from the website, which reduces the requirement for external PC source machines.

Another of its capabilities is the possibility of independently managing the content provisions within the subsections of the videowall, as well as expand the number of inputs and / or outputs in the future if necessary.

The videowall is formed by flat and curved screens of 55 "of LG, in configuration of 11×3, that wraps around the left and right walls of the SCC. With the Multi Wall function of the WallControl software 10 of Datapath, operators can control left areas, middle and right independently, or change it as a single display surface.

Graphics settings could be adjusted to correctly apply bezel correction on multiple display models (flat and curved) What, while offering the same active display area, had slightly different vertical alignments and bezel dimensions.

While the solution began operating within the construction management building with one of three towers under construction, videowall driver can be moved, and even expand or reconfigure to meet future long-term needs, as a control center within one of these towers.

As these three new skyscrapers rise above the Tokyo skyline, all elements of the building currently have a centralized control center that provides a huge amount of data and information, from live on-site camera broadcasts to important logistical information.

Michael Austin, Datapath APAC Sales Director, explains that "the challenge of monitoring all the elements of this construction project, along with internal messages, was considerable. Using Datapath's VSN system and WallControl10 software, Smart Control Center has a flexible management of this content, ensuring that staff and management can instantly change focus when needed and as the construction project develops.".

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by • 28 sea, 2022
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