BGL Expo Dubai 2020 United Arab Emirates

A total of 284 Speakers, aroma machines, more than 30 Racks, 73 Projectors, Large format screens and interactive cameras have integrated the AV infrastructure it provided BGL and which aimed to show the culture and history of the United Arab Emirates.

the United Arab Emirates Pavilion in the Expo Dubai 2020, that has just closed its doors, trusted in BGL Engineering to deploy AV equipment.

During the Dubai Expo, the Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates has been a benchmark within its route for the seven million visitors who have come to the venue. Its falcon-shaped structure in flight, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, has captured the attention of visitors and tells the story of the Uae as an international hub, as well as the vision of its leaders to create a peaceful and progressive society.

Expo Dubai 2020 United Arab Emirates Pavilion (photo: Mika Cartier/Empty)

BGL Audiovisual Engineering, company integrated in Sequoia Communication Group, has been in charge of providing and integrating the AV content in the various rooms of the pavilion, through the joint venture of Power and Empty, filling your spaces with light, color and sound. Project that has given visitors a trip to know, discover and bring the United Arab Emirates closer to the world.

On a surface of 15.000 square meters, spread over four levels, AV systems communicated with each other through more than 11.000 fiber optic meters.

The rooms formed a route that began in the Oasis, a fresh introduction to the culture of the United Arab Emirates; and was still in Falaj, a moment of connection and anticipation; Desert of dreams, a multisensory journey through a changing landscape; Generations, a celebration of traditions and collective progress; Dreaming together, an immersive film about values, and Dreamers Who Do, where it showed the dreamers who have created a better future for all.

Expo Dubai 2020 United Arab Emirates Pavilion

The main control room (B3-AV-MCR.01), located on the basement floor of the pavilion, it was composed of 12 42U racks, where all systems were installed. The core of this system was also in this plant, an AV3 processor and control system Creston.

BGL Audiovisual Engineering has made use of a total of 284 speakers to generate surround sound, scent machines to create an olfactory immersion in space, more than 30 Racks, 73 projectors with which it has been possible to make the projections in glass and sand with equipment Panasonic PT-RCQ10 BEJ (WUXGA resolution and 10.000 Lumens), large format screens and changing projections, thanks to the use of interactive cameras, when someone crossed through them. An entire AV infrastructure focused on showcasing the culture and achievements of the Emirates.

Expo Dubai 2020 United Arab Emirates Pavilion (photo: Mika Cartier/Empty)

likewise, inside the Pavilion has stood out The Pearl, a space with a semicircular shape where a large projection has been created with a mobile platform, to bring viewers closer to the large screen that extended along the walls of this semicircle with a width of 7,368×5.526 Pixels.

Another of the great attractions of the Pavilion have been its Dessert Roses (dreamers who do), 12 audiovisual structures composed of 8 Screens Lg 65EJ5E (400 cd/m2), two media players Brightsign XD234, two display controllers Datapath FX4, an amplifier Powersoft Mezzo 602A and a tectonic speaker DML-500R.

BGL Audiovisual Engineering has not only provided AV content inside but also, In addition, has integrated the AV signaling systems of the exterior of the pavilion and its main entrance, creating totems and biographies, with backlit images that told stories to those who chose to look through their lenses.

Expo Dubai 2020 United Arab Emirates Pavilion (photo: Mika Cartier/Empty)

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