IESE Madrid Solutia Vogels Group

The modular Connect-it system of Vogel's supports the large led videowall interior of the manufacturer Lg, from 13×5,5 metre, installed by Solutia Group in the new auditorium of the Madrid campus of this business school.

Recognized as a benchmark among global business schools, IESE Business School, with campus in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York and São Paulo, has renovated its buildings in Madrid with an innovative architectural design focused on sustainability.

IESE Madrid Solutia Vogels Group

The Madrid campus now occupies 33.600 m2, with facilities including four new amphitheatre classrooms, a high-tech multipurpose room, an auditorium with natural light for more than five hundred people and an underground car park for three hundred vehicles.

For its new auditorium in Madrid, IESE required a large indoor and high-tech Led screen to be installed as soon as possible and safely so as not to interrupt the calendar of scheduled and contracted activities, internal and external, to be held in this space.

IESE Madrid Solutia Vogels Group

The Led videowall of the auditorium, installed by Solutia Group, has dimensions of 13×5,5 meters and corresponds to the model LSBA025-GD of Lg, composed of 286 magnetic modules (26×11) of great contrast, with pixel pitch of 2,5 Mm; brightness of 1.000 cd/m² and contrast ratio of 8.000 : 1.

For its fast and reliable assembly has been counted on the versatile system for videowall Led Vogel's, which has been approved by TÜV5 to ensure the highest level of security, and whose components were delivered quickly so that Grupo Solutia could install it in just two weeks.

specifically, the assembly of the Led videowall uses the modular system Connect-it by Vogel’s, composed of the horizontal interface bar PFB 3433; the bar coupler PFA 9104; the profile of 3.000 Mm. PLM 8030; vertical profile mounting bands PLS 8001 and led bolts PLA 8808, together with the dvLed interface PLA 8401.

IESE Madrid Solutia Vogels Group

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by • 5 Apr, 2022
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