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This integration facilitates the configuration and management of the Digital Signage Pro Series smart digital displays of Hikvision through the software of Saturn Visual Solutions.

Hikvision has announced the integration of its smart digital displays Digital Signage Pro Series with the content management system of Saturn Visual Solutions, UK digital signage consultant.

This will allow commercial display operators to use the SaturnVision to set up and manage Hikvision digital displays with ease, facilitating custom screen design and more efficient content programming, which includes the visualization of dynamic elements such as posts on social networks, live TV or websites.

This new enterprise-level content management solution, and cloud-based, facilitates improved operational efficiency and helps users improve their communications objectives in sectors as well as retail, health, education, entertainment or transportation, among others.

“Integration provides seamless operation of our digital signage products with Saturn Visual software”, Explains Adler Wu, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager de Hikvision. “We hope that this set of solutions will bring a greater benefit to our customers”.

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by • 8 Apr, 2022
• section: control, Digital signage, display, business