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Ottocanali 4k4 speakers Powersoft have been deployed in conference rooms, theatre and common areas to deliver quality sound, as well as evacuation messages throughout the enclosure.

the Nyota Hotel is a five star establishment, located in the privileged surroundings of the Romanian province of Dobrogea, between the Danube and the Black Sea, that in addition to great comfort and stunning views next to Lake Siutghiol, it has modern conference rooms and theatrical facilities to cater for both holiday and business tourism.

To do this, hotel managers have had the systems integrator AudioVision Store, distributor also of Powersoft in the country, to deploy amplification systems to enhance the audio of the rooms and the different areas of the hotel complex, from the common areas to those of the theatre, with capacity for seventy people.

In addition to being easy to use, new system was to prioritize voice evacuation messages (Evac) for security and local and remote control of the different zones.

"We started working with the hotel before construction," he recalls. Marius Craiu, sales and marketing manager of AudioVision Store- and although the initial Specification of Powersoft Ottocanali was established from the beginning, there were modifications to adapt it to the design of the system on the fly".

The first change was to adequately cover all areas of music and messages and that some areas also had the possibility to play music from a local source and centrally..

"Evac's messages should have the highest priority, and it was also requested that they could be carried out both in individual and differentiated areas and throughout the enclosure. Conference rooms, Called Blue and Moon, they would have independent sound systems that would be combined when the rooms merged into a larger one.", explains Craiu.

Models Ottocanali 4k4 were specified by AudioVision as they not only provided the ability to combine low and high impedance speaker systems (more than eighty pieces of equipment are in use at the Nyota Hotel), but also full PSU redundancy in switched mode.

Added to this were assignable signal priorities for emergency messages.; digital signal processing for speaker equalization and a programmable matrix, all within 2U rack height to save space and power for eight amplification and processing channels; six of which are for low impedance speakers and the remaining two for line power 100 V.

For the two conference rooms, with capacity for sixteen seats each, Powersoft devices specified Duecanali 804, that allow to cover these spaces, which can be used individually or combined, in addition to offering very low power consumption and thermal dissipation, with connection to the backbone of the audio distribution system.

The control of the power platforms is in charge of powersoft's Harmony software, which is used for system design and configuration, as well as for control screens and can be integrated with controllers of AMX and Crestron to facilitate local use for operators.

"The hotel does not have its own sound engineers, but their IT staff is totally satisfied with the control systems we implement for them," says Craiu.. We have configured the operator view to a basic level (volumes for zones and sources), and operator panels can be easily programmed at any time to have additional functionality for technical staff".

With eighty speaker connections, Powersoft's live impedance curve, an integral part of Harmony software, facilitated their supervision during installation, plus adding a backup priority signal for any situation.

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by • 12 Apr, 2022
• section: audio, Case studies, control, Signal distribution