Christie in Agusti Torrello Mata

A curved screen of more than 30 metros de largo es el fondo de un espectáculo AV que explica el proceso de elaboración del cava. To carry out this experience, four projectors of 6.000 Lumens, as well as a control system Crestron CP3 and solutions Christie Pandoras Box.

One of the great Catalan cava wineries, Agustí Torelló Mata, has installed the show control solution of Christie Pandoras Box to manage a stunning curved screen of more than 30 meters that delight visitors.

Agustí Torelló Mata is one of the big names in the production of sparkling wines in Europe. Installed in the heart of the Penedès (Catalonia, Spain), capital of cava, forged his personal work consolidating himself as one of the best winemakers in the country. in 1978 elaborates his masterpiece, Kripta, recognized as one of the great sparkling wines of the world.

Christie in Agusti Torrello Mata

Currently it is his two children Alex and Gemma who are in charge of the family winery with an annual production of 500.000 bottles of cava and 120.000 of wine, that are exported to more than 30 Countries. The cellars are located in the municipality of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, in a bucolic combination between Mediterranean forests and vineyards. There are guided tours that tour the wine cellar and the underground cellars to learn about the characteristics of the Penedès and the particularities of the elaboration and aging process.

One of the highlights of this visit is located in the tunnel that connects the underground cellars. A curved screen of more than 30 meters long is the background of the audiovisual show on the process of making cava and the native varieties used for it. A music tour, images and sensations through the seasonal cycle of this sparkling wine, in what constitutes an unpublished audiovisual installation in a winery.

Christie in Agusti Torrello Mata

To carry out this experience, four projectors have been used 6.000 lumens equipped with wide-angle optics that offer a total on-screen resolution of 4,096×768 Pixels. It is an audiovisual installation made entirely by the company Kodec, in which Charmex has been the supplier of audiovisual equipment.

The surprise generated in visitors by this audiovisual show of 10 minutes is spectacular, since both the screen, which is camouflaged with the tunnel itself, how audio and lighting are activated automatically when the audience approaches the space.

This is achieved thanks to a motion sensor that synchronizes with a control system Crestron CP3, which integrates in turn with Christie Pandoras Box video processing and show control solutions. Specifically, a Pandoras Box Compact Player, with four HDMI outputs, and a Pandoras Box Manager, for the management of warping and projection blending.

It has also been incorporated Pandoras Box Widget Designer, a software tool for creating custom show control applications, that in this experience is used to program the automatism of the projection.

Christie in Agusti Torrello Mata

Marc Marquès, by Kodec, explains why Pandoras Box was chosen for this project. "We were looking for a simple system, practical and robust. We needed to have very robust equipment that did not give problems and Pandoras Box was the natural option. In addition, is a great machine to make blendings”.

The system is completed with the audio distribution platform Biamp Tesira, Speakers Bose and lighting Erco. The integration of Crestron CP3 with Pandoras Box also allows the complete automation of lights, audio and video.

The specialized consultant David Galvez, who was in this project in charge of the configuration of Pandoras Box and the warping and blending settings, highlights the power of the Widget Designer to make automations, "because it is fully open to programming and allows both receiving and sending commands to and from other systems., whether it's lights, audio, Displays, Etc. It is a very powerful solution for its projection adjustment tools, warping and blending; tremendously configurable with infinite resources to solve complex warpings".

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by • 18 Apr, 2022
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