Catarina Thepper Karolinska Ljudbyran

Swedish hospital Karolinska applies an innovative visual solution to calm children who have CT scans (TAC), based on the PT-JX200 space player Panasonic, with laser projection and lighting functions, and in its PT-VMZ71 series.

Applying technology to make CT scans less stressful for child patients and increasing the amount of CT scans performed per day has been the goal achieved by the Karolinska University Hospital from Stockholm, thanks to the project carried out by the visual and sound specialist Ljudbyrån AB, with the projection technology of Panasonic as a central element.

Catarina Thepper Karolinska Ljudbyran

CT scans are used to provide vital, detailed internal images of the body. Unfortunately, often children and some adults find the process of this test very stressful and claustrophobic., to the point that sedation or anesthesia is sometimes required.

Catarina Thepper Karolinska Ljudbyran

Lena Gordon Murkes, paediatric radiologist at the Swedish hospital, contacted Thomas Folland, founder of Ljudbyrån AB, after seeing one of their interactive displays in a mall to learn if a similar solution could be used to calm patients and provide a more positive experience in the CT exam room.

The Ljudbyrån AB team accepted the challenge and designed an interactive sound and projection solution "that has had incredible results", point from the hospital.

The CT room is now equipped with two Panasonic laser projectors that emit immersive images on the ceiling and on the CT scanner itself., along with four speakers for sound and a touchscreen for patients to choose one of ten different relaxing effects it integrates.

Catarina Thepper Karolinska LjudbyranImmersive visual experiences range from a rainforest with the sound of water and birds to amazing underwater scenes and popular cartoon characters.

"Many children and parents come to us at a very stressful time in their lives., with severe trauma or tumors, explains Lena Gordon.. In these situations, we have noticed that in the room they are quieter with light and sound; patients who were previously afraid to enter the room, now they do it without hesitation. Many quick exams can be performed without anesthesia, for patients ranging from children under the age of 1 year to adults, and in those who still need it, images and sound are very useful as a distraction when we use needles to administer the sedative.".

Catarina Thepper Karolinska Ljudbyranspecifically, the solution is based on the projector of 1 DLP chip with Solid Shine laser technology Space Player panasonic, with lighting functions in a single design in the form of a spotlight, which can be easily connected to standard lighting rails for easy installation.

With a brightness of 2.000 Lumens and a laser light source of 20.000 hours for maintenance-free operation, Space Player, can project in all directions below its horizontal axis and be used with SD cards, PCs and tablets for playing content (more details on Digital AV).

This immersive solution has been so successful that it has also been implemented in four additional CT units at Huddinge Hospital., south of the city. In addition, Doctors from other centres in Europe have visited the hospital to see the solution in action.

Catarina Thepper Karolinska LjudbyranIn other facilities, the team has chosen projectors from the series PT-VMZ71 of the manufacturer with different levels of luminosity to adapt to each environment, since it consists of four LCD models, with a power of 5.000 to 7.000 Lumens and resolution WUXGA.

For flexible installation, this series incorporates the displacement of the vertical/horizontal lens, as well as keystone correction angular and v/h, along with new six-point screen adjustment functionality, which helps to make better use of space (more data in this daily).

Catarina Thepper Karolinska Ljudbyran"We chose Panasonic because of the quality and reliability of its projectors," said Thomas Folland.. In this critical medical environment it was critical that we use laser projectors that offered 20.000 maintenance-free operating hours, and their LCD and DLP projectors have never let us down".

This solution has changed the way patients feel when they have to have a CT scan.. "Patients and parents of children now describe it as a fun and positive experience., instead of anxiety, the fear and discomfort they experienced before," Gordon says.. The new audiovisual environment contributes to making a potentially frightening exploration a positive experience.".

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