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The new headquarters of this financial institution required the implementation of an extensive audiovisual system. Stage Audio Works has been in charge of the project with a solution composed of speakers Audac, screens of different formats and control solutions of Crestron and QSC.

Stage Audio Works NamibiaNedbank Namibia is a financial services holding company that operates as one of the four largest banking groups in the African country. The company wanted to build a new and modern headquarters in the heart of Windhoek.

After completing the construction of the building, the last piece was to implement an extensive audiovisual system that covered the nine floors of the facilities. Stage Audio Works (SAW) took care of the project with a solution composed of speakers Audac, screens of different formats and control solutions of Crestron and QSC.

SAW Namibia was responsible for the specification, the design and integration of an infrastructure that posed collaboration as its main requirement. This was achieved by installing native conferencing systems of Microsoft Teams in each room.

Stage Audio Works NamibiaThe rooms required the incorporation of different functions, but the key that had to be accessible to all, easy to use and with a familiar Teams interface.

As part of the project, SAW Namibia installed a sophisticated audio solution throughout the Nedbank campus. This included a comprehensive background music system. (BGM) using twenty-four ceiling speakers Audac Cira, deployed on the executive and ground floors. These offer the perfect balance between quality audio and easy installation and operation.

Stage Audio Works NamibiaA modular audio system from Audac provides access to all relevant streaming platforms and radio stations that Nedbank may need. The system is powered by two Audac PA amplifiers from 240 W.

In the auditorium, more colloquially called Sky Garden because it opens to the side of the building, the ceiling speaker solution has been chosen Crestron Saros that integrates with the control system of the same manufacturer.

Twenty of these speakers are used to cover the area. For most boardrooms and collaboration spaces, a soundbar has been sufficient with the support of additional Audac wall speakers in the larger meeting and executive rooms to ensure consistent audio levels.

Stage Audio Works Namibia

Visual solution

The visualization part has consisted of the installation in all floors of thirteen professional screens Samsung of 49 Inch. With them, Nedbank has the possibility to display important information at the scale of the entire building.

In the ground floor area, a space that encourages active collaboration, a signage display has been installed 82 Samsung inches; while in the auditorium Sky Garden there is a model Pixel Plus xcell-I Lite of Stage Audio Works 5.12×2,88 metre. With a pixel pitch of 2,5 Mm, this solution is ideal for the large interior space.

Stage Audio Works Namibia

In the rest of the meeting rooms, SAW Namibia has opted for Samsung screens of 65 inches as points of attention. Exceptions are the executive meeting room, where one of 82 has been installed″ and another motorized Grandview from 92″; and the large meeting room, where a Samsung display of 75 has been used″ as the main visual point.

In the two largest conference spaces, cameras have been installed Atlona high quality, with brackets Stage Plus, to enhance the video experience.

Stage Audio Works Namibia

With such an extensive list of equipment, it was essential to have a control solution that would unite the system. To do this, SAW Namibia implemented a solution Crestron Flex, combined with supporting hardware from the same manufacturer for each of the rooms that required Microsoft Teams integration.

“Crestron Flex range delivers the full Microsoft Teams unified communications experience, that we combine with an integrated AEC-enabled speaker that delivers superior conferencing and collaboration”, explains Joppie Maritz, Managing Director of SAW Namibia. “With its perfect BYOD flexibility, this solution responded to all customer needs”.

The goal was to increase accessibility and collaboration, to streamline Nedbank's operations. SAW Namibia achieved this using a robust Crestron system, supported by a QSC audio processing core. Combined, offer control functions such as occupancy sensors that work in tandem with room programming, available throughout the building.

Stage Audio Works Namibia

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