Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

The new audio management system of the Estadio Swansea from Wales, supplied by Audiologic, is based on Q-Sys systems QSC, integrated by the specialist Vaughan Sound Installations.

The stadium Swansea (formerly known as Liberty) is the third largest in Wales, with a capacity for 21.088 Spectators, and home to swansea city fc and rugby teams Ospreys.

In order to improve professional audio systems, public address system and voice alarm of the stadium, its managers commissioned the specialist Vaughan Sound Installations the project, to be implemented in two distinct phases.

Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

The first involved upgrades to the public address and voice alarm systems that cover the lobbies., hospitality areas and turnstiles, according to the British standard BS 5839-8 (more data in Digital Security), while the second focused on replacing outdated speakers that had been exposed to the elements for several years., as well as the system's amplification and processing equipment.

Obviously, the new systems had to comply with current safety standards and football association guidelines for stadium emergency sound systems.

In order to provide network monitoring and control of PA speakers, amplification and voice alarm systems existing in the stadium, the new FO backbone deployed a while ago is used, while for the processing and management of the system has opted for the technology of QSC.

specifically, Audiologic has supplied two DSP processors of the model Q-Sys Core 510i from this manufacturer in double redundancy mode, which also incorporate a card CDN64 Dante, along with analog cards CIML4 and COL4.

Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

In the main rack room of the stadium, Vaughan Sound Installations has arranged the QSC IO Frames, installed together with a touch screen for local control, a standby control microphone PS1600H (located in the stadium control room) and another public address system PS1600G for emergency situations.

"Specifying QSC for this project was essential., in addition to being able to use the hardware of this manufacturer already existing in stadium -he affirms Diogo Scutti, Audiologic Engineer-. It is the only brand that allows to manage the multiple audio protocols that the enclosure has, interconnecting the third-party devices installed around the stadium and monitoring the system to offer a quick response to any problems that arise in it".

The existing QSC infrastructure already in the venue has now been updated with the show control kit and the entire system works in coordination with the 66 new speakers nexus Q12 deployed by the stadium, powered by ten power amplifiers of its series Nxamp with Dante control, according to the upgrade project.

During event mode, the system is controlled via a touch screen located in the control room. The public address microphone at the reception desk acts as a secondary input source. A DJ input provides connection from a mixer Yamaha TF1 and associated audio.

The sound quality inside the stadium "has improved tremendously and the comments from the fans have been very positive," he says. Gareth Davies, Chief Financial Officer of Swansea City AFC-. We want the match day experience to be optimal for both home and away fans, and a high-quality public address system is key".

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by • 29 Apr, 2022
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