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The emblematic Casa Batlló of Barcelona has recreated the creative universe of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí with the projection technology of Panasonic, that on the occasion of the celebration of Ise 2022 has made a tour with some visitors to explain in detail how this project has been carried out.

Casa Batlló, one of the best known architectural works of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, located in the central Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, has merged the best technology of Panasonic with a pioneering cultural visit, creating a unique experience in the world that has already been awarded with different international awards.

Batllo HouseOn the occasion of the celebration of Ise 2022, Panasonic has made a tour of this emblematic building and show how its technology has innovated the museum sector with a multisensory visit which offers a journey to the genius of the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism.

An experience that combines the visit to the building with immersive rooms, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies, creating amazing art installations, which has numerous Panasonic projectors to cover different needs.

Together with innovative projections, the visit has surround sound, motion sensors, innovative immersive spaces and delicate proposals that appeal to senses such as smell, that amplify the magic of Gaudí in a surprising and entertaining way for all audiences.

"From Casa Batlló we seek to excite the visitor by amplifying the magic of the legacy that Antoni Gaudí left us. To achieve this we have equipped different spaces with invisible AV technologies, integrating them in a respectful way into the environment; a major challenge in the case of a World Heritage Site. To do this, it was key to hide the Panasonic projectors, but also its beam of light: only in this way do you really surprise the visitor and create an unforgettable immersive experience", Says Gary Gautier, CEO of Casa Batlló.

House Batllo PanasonicIn order to disseminate the creative universe of Gaudí and relive the era, Casa Batlló has reinvented various spaces of your visit with the help of Panasonic technology: the immersive room Gaudí Dome, the facilities of the loft area and a mapping in the courtyard of lights, only visible at night.

"Most museums or historic buildings were not built with immersive experiences in mind," he explains. Oriol Massague, Panasonic field marketing manager-. That is why we put ourselves at the service of these emblematic facilities through our projectors and optics to achieve the best possible immersive experience in rooms of any size or shape, with low or high ceilings".

In this way, visitors "can approach the content without casting any shadows, ensuring that technology never distracts from the immersive experience.. Whether it's creating an immersive experience for a major attraction or adding interest with digital signage., Panasonic has the right projection technology (3 DLP chip and 1 DLP/3-LCD chip), with brightness levels of until 50.000 Lumens, to fit any budget and ambition".

Batllo HouseThe Gaudí Dome room, the first immersive room that receives the visitor (in the first image), has a total of 36 Projectors, of which thirty correspond to the model PT-RZ660 and six to the PT-JX200 and a dome with more than a thousand screens located on a sculptural ensemble representing a young Gaudí.

About him, the natural universe that inspired the Catalan architect comes to life, involving the visitor in the creative experience. In this new space, projectors allow video to be projected onto surfaces that are difficult to map with any other technology. It should also be noted the importance of the choice of ultra-short optics so that the visitor does not interfere with the projected image.

In the attic of Casa Batlló, a space traditionally reserved for household chores, various projections propose a peculiar journey to the past recreating everyday situations of the home. Like this, the visit invites you to imagine these situations through special facilities where surprising images of a washerwoman and an ironer of the time are projected..

last, located in the courtyard of Casa Batlló and inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, a mapping of a continuous waterfall with seven projectors is projected laser 3 DLP chip 20.000 Lumens manufacturer's.

Being an area with great natural light, particularly powerful projectors have been used, and thanks to the fisheye optics ET-D3LEF70, the mapping adapts exactly to the area to be projected.

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