Brass Roots headquarters

The template of Brass Roots Technologies has been transferred to Christie and operations will continue to be based on the latter's brand.

Christie has acquired the assets of Brass Roots Technologies, a company whose activity focuses on technological innovation specialized in consulting services and in the design of advanced optics for high-performance display and image creation systems.

The roster has been transferred to Christie and operations will continue in Allen (Texas – United States), now under the brand of this.

Brass Roots

"The acquisition of the assets of Brass Roots Technologies will contribute to the advancement and diversification of Christie's technical capabilities", Explains Zoran Veselic, Christie's President and Chief Technology Officer. "We welcome the talented technical and design teams at Brass Roots Technologies., who will join ours to explore new technologies".

Since its creation in 2009, Brass Roots Technologies has focused its activity on the innovation and development of essential technologies for the creation and projection of images.

Offers a system-level approach, technical design services tailored to customer needs and IP technology licensing. Its experience and dominant position are based on the development of differentiated solutions, encompassing optics, advanced mechanics and electronics. It also accumulates solid knowledge in sectors as diverse as video, entertainment or image creation for medicine, telecommunications or military and defence industries.

With the addition to Christie, the brass Roots Technologies staff will reinforce the brand's offer with a whole series of capabilities: systems architecture, optical design and analysis, mechanical design, electronic hardware design and FPGA firmware (field-programmable logic gate array), software development, in-house CNC manufacturing (numeric decimal control), prototyping and testing, or functional verification.

The teams of this also have extensive experience in LCoS projection systems, LCDE and DLP, Led videowall, lamp-based digital projection systems, LED, laser and phosphor illumination, ultra-high frame rate lenses and projection (ultra HFR).

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by • 20 May, 2022
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