Vogels Elite Fixed

Specifically designed for large TVs, Elite is new to the ultra-thin wall mount series of Vogel's, available in three versions.

The new Elite series of supports for large televisions of Vogel's, now available, offers a Ultra-slim design, so that the equipment is mounted extremely flat against the wall, without this implying a decrease in their resistance (until 75 Kg.) nor security.

Vogels Full-Motion Plus

Vogel's has designed the Elite TV stands in three different versions:

Fixed: which can be mounted extremely flat against the wall, with so alone 1,5 cm between the equipment and the wall.

Full-Motion+: the thinner for Full-Motion TV and that allows you to rotate the equipment up to 180º to get the optimal viewing angle from any angle of the room.

Forward Motion: the most robust Full-Motion wall mount, which has an ingenious four-arm mechanism, with a capacity to loading of 75 Kg and a large range of motion forward of 69 cm, which allows you to rotate the TV up to a maximum of 120º (depending on the screen).

Vogels Full-MotionThe ultra-slim design of the Elite TV wall mounts perfectly complements the minimalist design of the latest generation of high-end equipment, how OLED and QLED, getting bigger and flatter, to respond to this trend.

Vogel's Elite wall mounts withstand years of heavy use, made of carbon reinforced steel, with an epoxy powder coating, for a long service life, to the point of having up to fifteen years warranty.

To this is added its load capacity and safety with TÜV certification, which means that this line of TV stands have been successfully tested with a weight that triples the maximum weight of the screen.

Another noteworthy aspect is that the Elite supports are delivered with a packing 100% recyclable, without Styrofoam (EPS) and with a 95% less plastic than before to reduce the impact on the environment.

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by • 3 Jun, 2022
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