Riedel buys SDNsquare

The provider of software-defined networking solutions for IP-based multimedia installations, SDNsquare, has been purchased by Riedel.

With the acquisition of SDNsquare, Riedel seeks to continue investing in technological know-how around the growing business of live IP infrastructures and networks. More specifically., the German firm delves into the field of real-time IP network orchestration and SDN control (software-defined networking), expanding your range of video solutions.

Rik Hoerée, CEO of Riedel's product division, defines SDNsquare as an "innovative" company when it comes to the "orchestration of software-defined networks in the media".

For its part, Henry Alexander, CEO of SDNsquare, has confirmed that the company's team will be integrated into Riedel's R&D division, and will continue to work from its offices in Ghent (Belgium). From that location, has been able to bring its IP technology to numerous IP-based projects for sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympics, Roland Garros or the European Athletics Championship in Munich.

"This acquisition reinforces our commitment to continue investing in technology as a driver of future innovation and growth.. We are excited about the synergies that result from the interaction between the SDNsquare team and our network divisions., product and managed technology", Says Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel.

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by • 8 sep, 2022
• section: Infrastructure, business, networks