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In order to be closer to your partners and customers, The so-called PPDS Studio ofrecen “un acceso sin precedentes a las pantallas y soluciones profesionales de Philips", to test them before installation, among other possibilities.

PPDS, Exclusive global provider of digital signage, interactive displays, Direct vision LED and professional televisions Philips, has presented its interconnected network PPDS Studio in Europe and North America, providing customers and partners with unparalleled access to our full range of products and solutions, including control rooms, for co-creation with partners and the opportunity to make informed and proven decisions to customers".

PPDS Studio Madrid

With this aim of supporting its partners, From system integrators to consultants, Distributors, AV/IT designers and architects, “and inspire end customers to realize their vision and installation”, the company has officially opened the PPDS Studio in Amsterdam, Madrid (more data in Digital AV), Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Milan and near Cheltenham in the United Kingdom, to which is added in the United States the one located in the city of Charlotte.

The PPDS Studio, that are part of a major investment and expand the company's strategy of being available to customers anytime, anywhere, both face-to-face and online, Provide a perfect environment for teams to come together, Innovate and co-create fully customized solutions in a comfortable, multidisciplinary environment.

Managed by local PPDS teams, these spaces equip the wide range of Philips professional display products and solutions, including third-party hardware such as Crestron and Logitech, as well as software, how Intel, i3 Technologies and GoBright, supporting installations in the main vertical sectors, with a specific proposal for hospitality, enterprises, education, Retail, public spaces, Transport and broadcasting, among others.

PPDS Studio Madrid

To help experience the full power and benefits of the company's and its partners' technologies and solutions, all Studio PPDS are connected, allowing partners and customers to view and participate in Real-time demonstrations and training, either through videoconferencing sharing content between Paris and Munich, or remotely managing a network of dvLed systems, professional digital signage and TV from Cheltenham.

specifically, the space located in the United Kingdom has an area for Proofs of concept, Especially suitable for your development partners, that ensures your products work seamlessly with Philips professional displays.

In addition, PPDS Studios are available for Hold events High-end for partners, Distributors and end customers, in which the company's range of solutions is used for Create unique and immersive digital environments, providing excellent communication and brand recognition opportunities.

As they point out from the company, These spaces are also a practical alternative for those who do not wish to, Can or feel comfortable attending high-profile annual fairs and events, as they offer a quieter environment, comfortable and customized to discover the latest PPDS solutions.

PPDS Studio Madrid

Martijn van der Woude, Vp. of global marketing and business development of PPDS, He explains that "we are aware of the value for our partners and customers to be able to come together to collaborate., Discover and experience for yourselves our wide range of products and solutions. With our new multidisciplinary PPDS Studio, have access to all the tools and information they need, in a single place and regardless of the vertical sector in which they operate".

In addition to the annual fairs in which the company participates and events for partners and end customers, "Along with our ongoing commitment to local communities, the release of PPDS Studio ensures that we are always available, where and when they need us", says this manager.

A commitment that Cottaar Rum, Global Marketing Director of the company, Underlines: "Together is where we make things happen.. And together is where we have the best ideas. At PPDS we know that it is through great teamwork and partnerships, Not only within our own organization, but in the whole sector, how We will drive the evolution of our clients' business vision, and that's what we offer in our PPDS Studios".

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