Viewsonic CDE30

This range of 4K displays ViewSonic, Available in formats ranging from 43 the 98 Inch, next to the Live Mosaic View function, You can show close-ups of participants and readjust the view based on the activity of each attendee.

the CDE30 series of ViewSonic Take advantage of the artificial intelligence of the videoconferencing to focus attention on participants. These screens have 4K resolutions to ensure details in presentations, the faces of the participants in the meeting and that the multimedia parts are seen with maximum clarity.

The series is complemented by the new function Live Mosaic View of the company for its all-in-one conference chamber. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, This can provide close-ups of participants and readjust the view based on the activity of each attendee. You can distinguish up to eight participants in a meeting in the same room, dividing the screen equally between them.

Viewsonic CDE30

Regardless of where participants are sitting, Technology can keep them focused precisely, ensuring that those at the back of the room are seen as clearly as those in front. In this way, An immersive experience is achieved, Inclusive and equitable for hybrid meetings.

These visual solutions can be used with most major unified communications platforms, how Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and zoom.

The CDE30 Series, which is available in formats ranging from 43 at 98 Inch, Features intuitive features, with easily accessible ports and the ability to be configured in portrait or landscape mode.

Viewsonic CDE30

All models in the range offer fast connectivity via the single-cable USB-C solution, Delivering efficiency and allowing users to access peripherals through their laptops. The display also supports wireless screen casting via myViewBoard Display, ViewBoard Cast, as well as Airplay and Chromecast, allowing you to start meetings and presentations with minimal configuration.

For its part, Remote management through myViewBoard Manager Makes it easy to change content, transmission of information and software updates. In addition, licensed under myViewBoard Manager Advanced, The screens can be used for multimedia playback 24 hours of the day with minimal energy consumption, and also to stream media across organizations.

Viewsonic CDE30

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