Claypaky Buddylight Stonex

The new lighting tracking system for artists and presenters Claypaky, called Buddylight, offers all the precision of the Italian brand for use in theaters, Auditoriums and conference spaces.

Designed to be used in both Art-Net or DMX network Configuring control priority management with the lighting console or in standalone mode, The new system Buddylight of Claypaky Offers easy installation, simplified and flexible to perform the Follow-up of artists and presenters, whether in a show, theatre or in an auditorium.

Claypaky Buddylight Stonex

The system uses Buddylight Box that make connection with the lighting control table and the spotlight and are responsible for controlling them. These connect to anchors located on the stage, which serve to monitor the tags, Small devices carried by the artists or presenters to be tracked.

Once the devices are located, the Buddylight system is calibrated by taking measurements, whose configuration can be accessed by WiFi from the mobile, To plan your teams, Group the tags and rename them according to the person to whom they correspond, among other actions.

Claypaky Buddylight Stonex

The maximum tracking area can be covered by 15×15 metre. The space is delimited by anchors that define where the artist or presenter can move., that carry devices that allow the system to follow them, designed for the professional to quickly access the Focus functions and their automated control, No need for the table.

As they point out from Claypaky, brand distributed in the Spanish market by Stonex, "We take another step forward in improving the automation of stage lighting, providing a high-performance yet affordable tracking tool, No need for complex installations and configurations".

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by • 9 Jun, 2023
• section: accessories, control, lighting