The Association of students of the College Mohawk, in Hamilton (Canada), has turned to an original way to keep informed to the students of the Center, employing a network of digital signage managed with Scala software.

A recent project to renovate the facilities of the campus from the center of students of the Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), led to the Association of students to look for innovative ways to improve communication with students. As part of this initiative, the Association deployed a network of digital signage using the software Scala to raise awareness among the students news and services, as well as to provide instant alerts of emergency if necessary.

The Association of students of Mohawk chose Scala content management software because it has allowed to create a network of digital signage offering relevant and updated content, interactive and dynamic messages that take advantage of social networks such as Twitter, the ability to make changes on the screen at any time, content that can be programmed in advance, and multiple channels to transmit single messages to specific audiences.

Scala partner Gorrie Marketing Services (GMS) implemented the solution key in hand including the Scala 5 software and Designer, LCD screens of Samsungnetwork installation, see design content and operational training of Scala for the management of the network and its content.

Capture the attention of students
Steve Kosh, director of marketing and communications of the Association of students of Mohawk, has commented that "the combination of GMS and Scala software has helped us to create a network of digital signage to communicate with students and surprise them. Our new system makes messages stand out and are very fun so that call the attention of students, covering the activities of campus, social events such as concerts and movie nights, community news and administrative communications."

The project has included 12 independent channels of content and 26 LCD screens with sizes from 32 to 60 inches. The network uses an independent infrastructure to transmit video, audio and signal control device on the screens along the high traffic areas of the school as the main entrance, reception and the main corridors. The digital network also keeps students in other relevant areas of the campus such as the cafeteria, two quick-service restaurants and shop at 100. The most impressive display can be found in The Arnie, a restaurant, pub and entertainment area. When students enter The Arnie, they are greeted by a video giant wall composed of nine 46-inch screens. Once inside, there are other four 46-inch screens showing the latest through the specific channel of Arnie.

Andy McRae, CEO of Scala Canada, pointed out that "with the amount of information that daily bombard students, can be very difficult for colleges and universities to get students convey effective messages. The Mohawk students association has been very creative in the way that digital signage with multiple channels and spaces, incorporating also the means of social communication. His approach provides communications in a way that really draws the attention of the people."

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By • 22 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage

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