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Digital Projection offers 3D visualization real with 4K resolution for multiple viewers

El proyector Insight 4K HFR 360 soluciona la limitación de las pantallas en 3D, en la que cada usuario ve exactamente la misma imagen, independientemente de dónde se coloque, aportando una experiencia 3D de vista múltiple y envolvente. El fabricante…


Thomas Motta photo Digital Projection Insight 4k Hfr 360 to

BrightSign join Real Madrid, the World of Football in his traveling tour

This interactive experience, which has begun his tour in Melbourne, greets visitors with two videowall configured with 36 49 ' and 12 players BrightSign XT243 screens. Other eight XD1033 located information terminals handle by...


BrightSign Real Madrid Football World

Ernst & Young encourages collaboration in their CFOSpace room with interactive video walls of Panasonic

The auditing company has created an innovative meeting room and collaboration, in which the AV technology integrates perfectly with interactive video walls, configured with screens of 55 "Panasonic TH-55VF1H. Considered one of the four companies of audit more...


Ernst and Young CFOSpace Panasonic