Stage Audio Works (SAW) has finalized the new equipment audiovisual of the new World of Yamaha of Bidvest, in the province South African in Gauteng. To do this, he used the first new generation of projection of the Christie E Series.

Stage Audio Works has opted for the projection Christie for the new World of Yamaha of Bidvest visitor centre, located in Marlboro, Sandton (South Africa), which has become the center of all the divisions of Yamaha in the province of Gauteng, including music, audiovisual, pumps, motors and generators, motorcycles and intelligent machinery.

Yamaha Distributors South Africa, one the main suppliers of SAW, resorted to this company for receive Council on how equip your new domicile, in a place located and developed by Bidvest, its owners. After acquire the land and some stores located in it, the holding Bidvest Ltd. modified their features, creating a spectacular auditorium with a capacity of two hundred people destined to presentations multipurpose and acts corporate. And is here where the new dwu670- E enters into scene.

Given the experience and expertise in the field of imaging specialists in Johannesburg, shows a wide range of possible solutions of Christie, were carried out to show its performance, but also the cost of ownership. In addition to those demos, Hugh Overy, saw, he organized a new comparative demonstration with competitive high-end brands. Christie was, by far, the winner of the battle.

Large format screen
Shaun Xavier, of SAW, has explained that "the objective of the contract was, in essence, give to the Auditorium of a screen of projection of six meters of width and high definition." Our offer won thanks to its price and the relationship that we already held with the customer".

This is the Center key of World of Yamaha and was fundamental that the Moto GP could issue is in the screen of high definition with a relationship of appearance of 16:9, that was to the height of the enormous stature sports of Yamaha. Taking a signal of power digital from a matrix of switching Kramer, SAW recommended the new projector dwu670- E single-chip DLP, with 6000 lumens ANSI and high resolution, mounted on a structure and equipped with a lens of focus short.

This element of high brightness provides redundancy of lamp, with platform of double lamp, operating uninterrupted and combination of display of high definition, with a wheel of color of six segments of series. But in addition to long-life lamps, dwu670-E is backed by warranties, service and technical assistance from Christie.

Dynamic space
The second requirement of projection was raised in the area of the restaurant / cafeteria, an open space usable to watch sports and news on satellite channels with content in a loop over the working day, in a display of four meters wide, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. For this space was considered best choice LX605 projector mounted on the ceiling that capable of projecting 6000 ANSI lumens and XGA standard power.

"These projectors offer the right balance between price and specification, since models 3-chips came out of budget," confirms Xavier.

SAW technical team provided support throughout the process of installation, closely involved in the calibration of projectors. But in addition to the screening, they commissioned to provide scenic elements of the Auditorium.

Centre of reference
Phil Lord, Christie for Africa sales consultant, says: "Are delighted that this is the banner of the Christie E Series and partnering with a global brand like Yamaha".

Ian Pears, director ejecutivo de Yamaha Distributors South Africa, lo resume afirmando: “World of Yamaha de Bidvest se posiciona como el introductor y el que da la bienvenida a los clientes a la experiencia Yamaha. Tenemos un completo centro comercial que ofrece toda la gama de productos Yamaha, desde ropa y accesorios a salas de sonido concebidas ex profeso para probar todo nuestro catálogo de instrumentos musicales y equipos de audio. Y el nuevo teatro se destinará, no sólo a lanzamiento de productos, a veladas musicales y a espacio de conferencias al servicio de nuestras distintas divisiones: también se ofertará para su alquiler a clientes externos y a nuestros partners”.

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
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