The Samsung company presented at CES 2012 46 inch transparent screen, and has now confirmed that it has begun mass production of it for a variety of purposes, such as wear products, windows information, digital signage, commercial doors, ads on the doors of the metro, among others.

Samsung Electronics It has announced that the expansion of the production of LCD screens transparent 46 inch. The usefulness of the new transparent screens will move, as media, to mobile devices, electronic signage, medical teams, among others.

Younghwan Park, Senior Vice President of Marketing for LCDs area, solutions of Samsung Electronics devices, explained: "the transparent panels represent an interesting application in next-generation display technology; they have unlimited potential to change our viewing habits in the future years. "As a firm supporter of the market of them screens transparent, Samsung has planned develop this technology in order boost the growth of the business of screens LCD".

This panel of screen transparent of 46 inches of Samsung is characterized by possessing a ratio of contrast of 4,500: 1 of resolution HD (1.366 x 768) and 70% in range of colors. Also, the transparent LCD screen is being produced to be used in the sectors of retail as showcases for sample products, as well as doors of refrigerators and metro stations in United States, Europe and in Asia. Also be used in other applications, including electronic tables, informational windows, medical equipment, electronic signage and mobile devices.

La pantalla LCD transparente de 22 pulgadas de Samsung, ya está siendo comercializada, y muy bien recibida por los consumidores de dispositivos móviles, joyas y de artículos de lujo, debido a su tamaño compacto y bajo consumo de energía, y el gran atractivo visual que representa.

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By • 25 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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