The Samsung Smart Signage (SSSP) platform incorporates a professional player on a chip installed in a monitor LFD, thus dramatically reducing the total cost and streamlining operations for the end user.

Samsung He has announced the launch of a completely new approach in ISE 2013 in what refers to the digital signage (digital signage), the platform Samsung Smart Signage (SSSP). Added a professional player on a chip and is installed on a monitor LFD, thus dramatically reducing the total cost and streamlining operations for the end user. In addition, it will allow energy savings of 15% compared to solutions with display and signage pleasure independent. Not to mention the advantage which will eliminate unnecessary wiring.

This comprehensive solution is the first of its kind that eliminates the need of having a player or additional PC to host content that is seen on the monitor. When the SSSP is started, it immediately connects to a network via LAN Server and is ready to serve the content in ten seconds. Content can also be stored locally or preloaded using a (USB) storage device.

The platform Samsung Smart Signage (SSSP) consists of a dual-core processing unit, 1 GB of video RAM (DDR 3 DRAM), an integrated processor memory (WMV, MP4, H264) codec and storage on board for use offline up to 9 GB

Samsung is putting player media SDK, free of charge, at the disposal of all its software partners. Media player is compatible with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Flash to ensure that developers can build content in a really versatile platform.

Also is can customize the device API so them options of hardware and monitor is can build within the software, including also the capacity of turn on and turn off them monitors LFD, adjust the brightness, incorporate benefits as picture-in-picture (PiP) and create programming of content.

SSSP allows software partners to offer a service to their customers just with all your concerns in regards to server and content management.

LFD monitors use LED technology, which increases their energy efficiency in comparison with traditional monitors, while reducing operating costs.

Light LFD monitors are available in a variety of sizes of screen and settings, which makes them ideal for commercial distribution and for fairs and congresses and the catering sector.

SSSP will initially be available to software partners only to so they can carry out final tests before its official marketing in May of 2013.


Samsung continues by four strategic lines in the display market. On the one hand we find the PEC series, which offers a lightweight and ultra slim design allowing users to enjoy an expansive and improved visual experience in places such as airports, restaurants and shops, always by means of video walls.

In terms of the MEC series offers monitors LED an eco-design with the environment which helps to reduce operating costs and that are ideal for commercial digital signage solutions and large format, public, corporate and information that require crisp images with color perfection.

With regard to the series UEC, is is of monitors of great format for solutions of video wall with a bezel very narrow to ensure that the viewer keep your attention in it and not in the monitor, ensuring so the message is predominantly in any environment, well is in shops, offices, hotels or restaurants.

Finally, the UDC monitor video wall series offer an ultra-slim bezel with high brightness of 700 nit, 8 GB of memory, ACM (Advanced color management) and an installation package, representing a solution with good relationship between cost and effectiveness that can be used in airports, restaurants and shops.

With a market share of 24% on display in 2012, according to DisplaySearch, Samsung has unveiled at ISE 2013 its close cooperation with Partners as Scala or Signage Live to provide a complete digital signage solution or advanced dynamic advertising.


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By • 30 Jan, 2013
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