'The Book of Shapes (The book of forms)', available in application, digital copy and book, collects interesting projects around the world and explores in what ways the MicroTiles technology can help architects and designers to incorporate inventive ways to projects They use video, motion graphics and interactive content.

Christie just published The Book of Shapes (El libro de formas), an interesting work that includes projects put into practice around the world that are redefining display technology in all kinds of fields, from business environment to the museum, through the company.

As a free, interactive iPad application, as PDF version or in physical form, the book explores in what ways the Christie MicroTiles, the revolutionary block construction and modular video, help architects and designers to incorporate ingenious and irregular forms to projects using video, motion graphics and interactive content.

Publication of The Book of Shapes: International Design Inspirations Featuring Christie MicroTiles (The book of forms: international design inspirations using Christie MicroTiles) It has coincided with the significant participation of Christie at Integrated Systems Europe, the fair held in Amsterdam between 29 and 31 January, and the third anniversary of the launch of Christie MicroTiles.

The application The Book of Shapes It contains MicroTiles installations made worldwide since the product was launched, visually, embedded video and detailed descriptions about different uses of technology and display the results. The app also includes location maps, reference materials as well as an integrated MicroTiles Designer 2.0 version, a web-based tool that allows designers and architects to plan and prescribe MicroTiles projects.

IPad users have the ability to find and free download the application The Book of Shapes in the Apple App Store. There is also also free interactive PDF, which allows you to view all the examples and material support other tablet devices as well as in conventional computers and laptops.

Designed to inform and inspire

"The Book of Shapes is designed to inform and inspire those in charge of integrating display technology projects and help them understand that incorporating digital canvases can energize and transform a space or to respond to a business challenge so interesting as a novel, "explains Kathryn Cress, vice president of global and corporate marketing, Christie.

"We wonder check how architects point, store designers, audiovisual professionals and experts Interactive have taken the opportunity to introduce forms in their design concepts," Cress, which continues adds: "They have completely overcome this world of the projection defined by rectangles. And most remarkable is that we are just beginning to see everything that you can get to do. "

The Book of Shapes pays tribute to projects on several continents, and is organized by categories: commercial environments, museums and entertainment, television programs, events and shows, higher education and business spaces.

Among the projects included highlights a virtual mountain range installed in the History Colorado Center Denver, gigantic sweeps MicroTiles in business areas such as the headquarters for Asia-Pacific at Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong or experience center Telstra in Melbourne, Australia . Transportable and easily configurable, the MicroTiles have also been used on numerous occasions in temporary exhibition events such as universal exhibitions, fairs and events dedicated to fashion.

Exploring the possibilities

The Book of Shapes delves into projects in which the MicroTiles are "fused" with the wall, staying in items of furniture or completely transform commercial spaces and hallways. Technology has led to a rethinking of the approach to the visual message and the marketing on public or shared spaces.

One of the most ambitious projects listed in The Book of Shapes It is affecting the headquarters of the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square, where several multimedia canvases with a total of 508 MicroTiles envelop the space. The project reflects strongly the kinetic energy of the financial markets and acts as an attractive backdrop in the welcoming ceremonies companies debuting on the stock market.

This project is also discussed in detail in another specialized digital publishing, The Blue Book: How MicroTiles Helped Make an Impact at the London Stock Exchange (El libro azul: el impacto de MicroTiles en la Bolsa de Londres)Downloadable in the application The Book of Shapes or this Web Christie.

Three years ago, Christie MicroTiles launch revolutionized projection technology. Today, more than 30,000 units operate worldwide and continuously new projects are launched. For example, this Christmas 425 MicroTiles were installed in the windows of the main stores Barneys in New York in collaboration with the Walt Disney Company to decorate a "Power Party".

Display technology flexible and modular

The modular design of Christie MicroTiles build a wall projection virtually the shape or dimensions we want. Lightweight and compact, the rear projection modules are 41 centimeters wide by 30.5 high and 25 deep, adapting perfectly to shops, corporate offices, museums, airports, television studios, indoor sports stadiums, control rooms and many other applications.

Christie MicroTiles automatically self-calibrating the color and brightness and have incorporated sensors that monitor the operation of each LED. Each tile detects the adjacent mosaic, adjusting its image to optimize the overall result. With an almost imperceptible joints between the tiles, Christie MicroTiles canvas generates virtually no divisions and with an unlimited number of superfine pixels. With its rugged cold to the touch screens and high-resolution images, crisp and clear no matter what we get closer to them, Christie MicroTiles is the ideal solution for interactive displays.

Access al libro The Book of Shapes.

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