This 60 "screen plasma technology and ultra-thin frame allows configurations of up to 2 × 4 for creating large murals with multitasking capabilities where the simultaneous use of four pencils is possible.

Inves now has the new model Dintro Primalia Videowall with touch capabilities. These new monitors, on which can be written using a digital pen, are particularly suitable for the development of educational activities, corporate meetings and showrooms.

The new screens, 60 "plasma technology and a framework ultra thin 0.9 mm, allow configurations up to 2 × 4 horizontal and vertical for the creation of large 5 × 1 murals. The union between monitors is practically negligible, so simultaneous display in several screens presents a high-quality image fidelity.

The great novelty of this model is its ability to touch. Thus, it is possible to use up to four different digital pointers to draw and write on any point on the surface of the display simultaneously and without interference between them. Pencils that come with this model are rechargeable, autonomy for two hours and do not need any special sensor to work with screen, so your ability to respond is much faster than conventional systems.

Multi-tasking capabilities

On the other hand, the new model Dintro Primalia Videowall incorporates multi-tasking capabilities, allowing to work with different applications: projection of images, texts, videos, games, videoconferences, presentations PPT or Excel, at the same time tables. In addition, it is possible to enlarge, reduce or move the images that appear on the screen using two pens.

This new model with plasma technology reaches 1369 × 768 resolution, has dimensions of 1322 x 745,5 x 60.7 mm. and a weight of 33 Kg, per screen.

Color accuracy is another feature that innovative, make these displays devices truly offering accurate and natural reproduction of color, with improved contrast ratio (1,000,000 to 1).

To set up a comprehensive solution, Inves puts at the disposal of its clients, the possibility of incorporating devices play or players. In this case, the proposal of the Spanish manufacturer includes Voxel TH, H61/Q77 Intel chipset, the Intel Core processor family and technology Intel vPro (Core i5 / Core i7), a graphical system of high performance, SATA hard drive or SSD, integrated Ethernet Gigabit and the possibility of including communication via WIFI systems.

Main features

  • 60 ' screen
  • 1,318.6 display area (H) x 741.9 (V) ± 0.5.
  • 420 W consumption
  • It incorporates a touch pointer 16 x 153 mm (19.6g)
  • Inputs: HDMI, RGB, DVI, DisplayPort and RS232C, Compsite
  • Outputs: DVI, RS232C, 1x USB and 1x network.

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