He LSP 500 Pro Wireless not only eliminates the need of losing the time with the wiring, but Sennheiser provides an application that can control up to 20 speakers of way remote to the same time.

The new wireless speaker Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro ensures that you can quickly installed a system of audio for any event. This proposal not only eliminates the need of lose the time with the wiring, but Sennheiser provides an application that can control up to 20 speakers of way remote to the same time.

The application ensures easy and effective system audio control. From the moment we connect boxes, the application starts to run. The LSP 500 Pro speakers are connected via WLAN with the iPad, and are displayed within the 'Location' mode. Can be selected individually and moved virtually to adapt the positions shown in the iPad to their positions real in the event. This function, that is simple of use, ensures a good perspective general of the system audio in its entirety.

They can select all speakers as a whole or individually with the touch screen and also can define groups of speakers.

The system's audio is completely controlled by the application LSP 500 Pro, that essentially acts as a table of mixtures. No matter if is the volume, the equalizer or the delay-the application of Sennheiser facilitates the control of any adjustment. Is can configure both to speakers individual as grouped, as well as to the sources of audio connected to them.


Each speaker Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro can accept up to three wireless microphone receivers, as well as including also a connector combo: Jack 6.3 mm and XLR-3 Connector for cable microphones. This speaker highly versatile, comes equipped with a connector USB, an interface Bluetooth and output / input auxiliary. If is uses more than one speaker, one of them can be defined as master and connected to other speakers (the slaves) of form Wireless.

Each LSP 500 PRO takes integrated a player that allows you to play music directly from a device external through the connector USB or Bluetooth. The player also has a function that allows the recording of the audio input directly to a USB device.

Operation reliable with two batteries

Sennheiser wireless speaker has space for 2 rechargeable batteries, but only used one of them to supply power at any time. This ensures reliable operation and an operating period of the LSP 500 Pro up to seven hours. The use of a second battery allows change to recharge while the speaker is still in use. The current state of two batteries of a speaker load is shown continuously in the Sennheiser application, which keeps informed of the power supply at all times sound engineer. If a battery down to a critical level, a warning is displayed instantly.

The LSP 500 Pro is compatible with Sennheiser evolution wireless microphones 100, 300 and 500 series The speaker includes a protective case. As optional accessories, has a white cover, protective padding and a bag with wheels for safe transport.

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By • 28 Feb, 2013
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