Panasonic has applied its more innovative technologies of detection to develop their cameras dome I-Pro Full HD vandal-proof WV-SW158 and WV-SF138.

Panasonic WV-SW158

The two latest models of cameras dome of Panasonicthe WV-SW158 (outdoor) and the WV-SF138 (for interior), are designed with the Mega Super Dynamic technology, which offers a 128 x dynamic range and combines functionalities of face detection and backlight, which ensures clear, crisp and well focused image capture.

Panasonic WV-SW158 and WV-SF138 cameras face detection system has additional functionality that allows that, when the camera detects a suspicious face, the XML data to be sent automatically to activate an alarm in a compatible video recorder to alert security personnel.

Both the WV-SF138 as the WV-SW158 model are compatible with Onvif standard and provide images in Full HD 1080 p with 30 IPS. As both cameras work with manufacturer UniPhier technology, signals are transmitted at the same time High Profile H.264 and JPEG, enabling the monitoring in real time, at the time that is recorded in Full HD.

On the other hand, priority flow control allows you to prioritize a video stream, so when several recorders and computers are accessing simultaneously to the team, the images per second ratio is maintained and the quality of service and security are guaranteed.

VMD detection

These cameras dome I-Pro Full HD vandal-proof Panasonic have a programmable (VMD) motion detection system so when it detects any action is activated the transfer of images via FTP, e-mail alerts are generated and implemented in other types of alarms.

VMD system allows security personnel to have automatic notifications of possible security problems, which can respond more quickly and efficiently. In addition, thanks to the possibility of choosing the control of light in indoor mode, between 50 Hz/60 Hz fluorescent lights have no effect on the quality of the image, which means that you can reduce the time for pre-adjustment of the cameras.

The opening angle of both chambers ensures accurate recording in the user-selected with a horizontal range of 100 and 81 vertical areas. This, in combination with the Privacy Zone that covers up to two areas, such as windows or entrances and exits, make the WV-SF138 and WV-SW158 two dome equipment suitable for monitoring in difficult locations.

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By • 16 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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