Optical projection screen Supernova Infinity Screen dnp Denmark offers its 180 "academic interest information and entertainment to 13,000 students on the campus of Southern University of Denmark.

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) offers training and research in the six campuses attended by more than 20,000 students. In the largest campus, with 13,000 university, the center has installed a Supernova Infinity Screen display 180 "no part of the Danish firm dnp with the aim of providing academic interest both information and entertainment special events often take place at the university.

One of the requirements of this installation, explains Lars Dalvig, director of enterprise systems installation ViewNet SønderborgIt was to have "a powerful visualization solution that would harmonize with the minimalist aesthetic of the campus, with a complicated location opposite a large window without curtain".

In this sense, the installation of the Supernova screen has not been without difficulties, as it has been located in a large common area where students gather during breaks, while "the great viewing distance required a screen very big explains Dalvig- addition to the complexity of configuring the extremely bright ambient light, with windows facing the screen. "

Initially, it was thought an LED display, although ViewNet rejected this option, although it could meet the requirements of brightness was too thick and heavy for the format was needed and the option was a combination projector / screen.

As Dalvign explains, "Our proposal was to install the model Infinity Screen dnp Supernova, 180" and unframed, with visualization executed in conjunction with the projector Epson EB-Z8350W, 8,500 lumens, 3LCD, WXGA resolution that adapts to large spaces as are all configured with aspect ratio 16: 9, 23:23 screen material with high gain ".

This combination allows us to offer students who gather in this great space sharp, vivid images with flexible installation based on an optical projection screen, "which has been warmly welcomed by students, who continually consult" says this responsable.

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By • 21 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Projection

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